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Battleloot Adventure Apk Download File Free Full Data. Below are links to the official developers download pages at the Google Play Market and iTunes, iOS, iPhone.

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Battleloot Adventure Apk Download File Free Full Data

Battleloot Adventure

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Here are some tips that can help you throughout gameplay:

Defense – When it’s the enemies turn to fight you can tap on one of your team members before or during an incoming attack to reduce or avoid damage. Some foes will have slow move , but not blocking the can be instant death. Each time you block you will consume a portion of your energy which regenerates slightly after every turn in battle. Once you spend your initial energy fee for blocking you can block again for free during the specific round.

Easy Gold – Replay completed quests and do Arena challenges. Try to move forward in the story and earning medals.

More Attacks – You can have more than regular hits if you tap the enemies at the right time while attacking.

Save Coins – If you save gold for the most expensive equipment and don’t waste it on the cheaper weapons and armor you can save a ton in the long run. Right now the 4 unlockable Team mates which cost 5000 gold each seem to be far superior over the free classes.

Unlock New Things – To unlock new items, weapons, armor, classes, and more you have to complete Quests.


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