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Battleloot Adventure Guide WikiThis Battleloot Adventure Guide Wiki is a database containing information about various content and features. Battleloot Adventure is a single player RPG Strategy for Android and iOS/iPhone where you travel a semi linear path completing stage missions for exp, gold, loot, new classes, and more. This Guide Wiki is updated daily.

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Attacking – Tap once on an enemy to see their stats, tap a second time to attack. To get better combos use have to use skills and normal attacks monsters are weak against, Warriors hurt mages more, Rogues hurt Armored foes more, and so on. If you hit only once you should try other moves for 3 and 5+ hit combos.

Attacking with Whole Party – After selecting a target and initiating the attack immediately tap your remaining party members to have them use energy and cause damage in the same round. This will cause Start to appear that can be saved up for special moves in the top left corner of the screen during battle. If someone is low on energy you can start with him then follow with the 2 that do, this tactic can also be used to conserve by leading with who has the lowest energy letting it regen.

Defending – Tap a character just before or during an attack to block and reduce or avoid incoming damage. After the first block you can block for free for the rest of that round.

Order of Operation – Killing the front guy first will reduce defense for the back row, killing the flank or middle monster will reduce defense and evasion of back row more. This should be considered in tough or lengthy battles.

Selecting Character – You can attack with the same character each round by tapping them first and then your target.

Stars – To get Stars in battle you must land at least a 6 hit combo. Stars can then be used to power unlocked talent that are different for each class. Unused stars will be converted to 15 gold each at the end of a quest so don’t use them if you don’t have to.

Strengths and Weaknesses or Edge System – There are 4 types of enemies and each has a strength, medium, and weakness to the other types. Hitting a weakness can cause a 5+ hit combo while hitting the wrong enemy can cause a 1 hit combo. Warrior (Blue) hurts Sage (Green) which hurts Mage (Purple) which hurts Rogue (Red) which hurts Warrior (Blue). A chart is always available in battle by tapping the pause button in the top right corner. Going the opposite way or counter-clockwise shows which enemies you wont hurt that much.

Warrior (Blue) – Good defense, medium power, low accuracy and energy.

Hits 5+ Green, 3 Purple/Blue, 1 Red

Sages (Green) – High Energy, low damage, defense, and accuracy.

Hits 5+ Purple, 3 Red/Green, 1 Blue

Mage (Purple) – Accurate, high damage, low armor. Weak against Warrior (Blue).

Hits 5+ Red, 3 Blue/Purple, 1 Green

Rogue (Red) – Accurate, high damage, low armor.

Hits 5+ Blue, 3 Green/Red, 1 Purple

Talents – Very important and can dramatically increase your chance of beating a quest. Use stars from performing 6+ combos to activate talents in battle. The Bandits Stun leaves enemies in a daze for as long as you don’t touch him, preventing enemy healers from doing anything. Alchemist can revive whole party from KO and restore medium HP.


Soldier – Armor and Intimidating physical presence turn him into a tough defensive wall against enemy attacks. Starting class.

Bandit – Lowers enemies accuracy every round. Can leverage his cunning and dexterity to incapacitate enemy targets. His deadly accuracy is vital for the party. Unlocked after completing Quest 1.

Alchemist – Heals party a little every round. Thanks to her ability in manipulating matter and elements, the Alchemist can actively affect the health of her companions, providing group healing. Unlocked after completing Quest 2.

PyroMage – Increases groups attack every round. His attack power makes him a threat to any group of enemies: Those who play with fire get burned! Start with his 1 skill already unlocked which hurt all enemies with fire. Unlocked by completing Quest 4.

Assassin 5,000g – Unlock by completing Quest 6.

Healer 5,000g – Unlock by completing Quest 8.

Knight 5,000g – Reduces effectiveness of enemy attacks while also defending others. Unlock by completing Quest 5.

Witch 5,000g – Unlock by completing Quest 7.


Front – Shields front and rear positions.

Flank – Grants evasion and protects rear.

Rear – Grants a great evasion bonus.

Best Team/Party







When you purchase an items it has unlimited uses and never has to be bought again. Equip 1 or more of the same item in Bag Slots to use in battle.

Small Potion 500g – Regenerates a party member’s HP by a small amount.

Medium Potion 4,000g – Regenerates a party member’s HP by a medium amount.

Sparkling Potion 15,000g – Regenerates a party member’s HP by a smaller amount compared to medium potions, but also increases energy.

Juice 2,000g – Regenerates a party member’s energy by a small amount.

Sparkling Juice 12,000g – Regenerates a party member’s energy by a large amount.

Cookies 4,000g – Regenerates all party member’s HP by a small amount.

Choco Cookies 8,000g – Regenerates all party member’s HP by a smaller amount compared to standard cookies, but it also increases energy.

Fruit Cookies 10,000g – Increases all party members damage. Lasts a single battle round.

Big Fiber Supplement 18,000 – Reduces a party member’s attack stat to increase defense. Last a single battle round.

Big Vitamin Supplement 18,000 – Reduces a party member’s defense stat to increase attack. Last a single battle round.

Fiber Supplement 6,000g – Increases a party member’s defense stat. Lasts a single battle round.

Iron Supplement 9,000g – Increases a party memeber’s damage. Lasts a single battle round.

Vitamin Supplement 6,000g – Increases a party member’s attack stat. Lasts a single battle round.

Carrots Nectar 15,000g – Reduces a party member’s defense stat to increase accuracy. Last a single battle round.


Bag Slots

These are for storing items for use in battle. You can place the same item repeatedly in different bag slots.

1. 100g

2. 2,000g

3. 9,000g

4. 16,000g

5. 30,000g


After Quest 9 you get to choose 1 of 4 guilds Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Sage which will benefit their respective classes. You can switch guild at any time for 10,000g by tapping the colored flag next to your Gear tab in your Armory.

Tips, Tricks, Hints

Defense – When it’s the enemies turn to fight you can tap on one of your team members before or during an incoming attack to reduce or avoid damage. Some foes will have slow move , but not blocking the can be instant death. Each time you block you will consume a portion of your energy which regenerates slightly after every turn in battle. Once you spend your initial energy fee for blocking you can block again for free during the specific round.

Easy Gold – Replay completed quests and do Arena challenges. Try to move forward in the story and earning medals.

More Attacks – You can have more than regular hits if you tap the enemies at the right time while attacking.

Save Coins – If you save gold for the most expensive equipment and don’t waste it on the cheaper weapons and armor you can save a ton in the long run. Right now the 4 unlockable Team mates which cost 5000 gold each seem to be far superior over the free classes.

Unlock New Things – To unlock new items, weapons, armor, classes, and more you have to complete Quests.

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