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Battleloot Adventure WalkthroughThis Battleloot Adventure Walkthrough will have all information related to the various missions from rewards to strategy, videos, and more. These are the tactic I used to progress with open ended advice so you don’t have to do exactly what’s in this walkthrough. My beginning strategy is going to be focused on progressing without spending. When things start to get tough I hope to be able to purchase a top tier piece of equipment or talent that will give me enough strength to complete more quests. I’ll try to complete quests with as little grinding as possible and will be using the tap block feature and group attack a lot.

You can grind completed quest for gold and experience.

Battleloot Adventure Guide Wiki


Complete – Completion rewards, team, and strategy. Gold won is the same when replaying.

Feat – Description, rewards, team, and strategy.

11100 – This shows what equipment was being use by the given class during a specific quest. 1st# “(1)1100″ = Weapon/Main-Hand, 2nd# “1(1)100″ = Shield/Off-Hand, 3rd# “11(1)00″ = Armor, 4th# “111(0)0″ = Head, and the 5th# “1110(0)’ = Ring. Numbers are aranged how equipment appears on the Gear tab from top to bottom.


1. Welcome to Kameloot!

Borderlands, West Green Fields (Starting Mission) – Kameloot, a mercenary hotspot: A generous land where chasing fame and fortune is the national sport. Your adventure begins…

Complete: Lv1 Soldier 11100


Tier 2, 3, 4 Main-hand/Off-hand/Armor

Tier 1, 2 Head

Small Potion, Juice, Cookies, Medium Potion, Vitamin Supplement, Fiber Supplement

Feat: Clear all enemies in no more than 4 turns.

2. Some Time Later…

Borderlands, West Green Fields (after 1. Welcome to Kameloot!) – Making new friends in an unfamiliar is always beneficial. Follow the bandit and help him release the Alchemist!

Complete: 150g Lv2 Soldier 11100, Bandit 11100


Feat: Cause 75 damage in a single turn.

3. En Route!

Borderlands, Citadel West Outskirts (after 2. Some Time Later…) – Reach the Citadel, one of the four major cities in Kameloot, but be careful: those weird beings might still be lying in ambush! Move forward, breaking down any roadblocks standing in your way!

Complete: 300g Lv3 Soldier 11100, Bandit 11100, Alchemist 11100

Choco Cookies, Iron Supplement, Fruit Cookies, Sparkling Juice

Feat: Suffer No KO’s 375g. Attack the Mages with your Warrior and the armored foes with your rogue and you should get this on your first try.

4. Below the City Walls!

Citadel West Outskirts, West Green Fields (after 3. En Route!). The party has finally reached the Citadel but it had better be careful: The outskirts crawl with thugs and other unfriendly creatures.

Complete: Lv5 Soldier 11100, Bandit 11100, Alchemist 11100


Feat: Perform 8 hits in a single turn. This can easily be performed on the first playthrough by taping 1 character to attack like normal then immediately tapping the other 2 party members letting them use energy to attack in the same round.

5. The Stalwart Citadel

Citadel West Outskirts, Citadel Main Street (after 4. Below the City Walls!) – Quests marked with colored icons are assigned by different Kameloot guilds. Their completion unlocks rewards tied to that guild business.

Complete: Lv6 Soldier 11100, PyroMage 11100, Alchemist 11100


Feat: Collect at Least 3 Stars. Obtained on first try by attacking with the whole group at once. After someone starts fighting an enemy tap the rest of your party and they will also fight in the same round.

6. Portville, The Shady Docks

The Shady Docks, Portville Outskirts (after 5. The Stalwart Citadel) – Portville is the throbbing heart of The Shady Docks, home to the Rogue Guild. Entering Portville carelessly would be unwise. Knock out a few thugs to prove your value and gain access to the city and the Rogue Guild’s Quests!

Complete: Lv6 Soldier 11100, PyroMage 11100, Alchemist 11100


Feat: Clear all enemies in no more than 5 turns. Use group attack for each round.

7. The Sparkling Towers

Wizardry Forest, The Sparkling Towers Outskirts (after 6. Portville, The Shady Docks) РThe Wizardry Forest shelters the Sparkling Towers, home to the Mage Guild. Anyone who wants to access the guild and the benefits it grants to mages must pass an initiation test: Surviving  in the forest for one night.

300g Lv7 Soldier 11100, PyroMage 11100, Alchemist 11100


Feat: Perform 11 hits in a single turn. Use 2 warriors and a mage for 11+ hit combos against green enemies.

8. The Magnificent Academy

Academy Cliffs, Academy Cliffs Pass (after 6. Portville, The Shady Docks) – On the Acadamy cliffs you can find the Magnificent Academy, home to the Sage Guild. Prove your thirst for knowledge by challenging the perils of the mountain and you will gain access to the guild’s quests.

Lv8 Soldier 11100, PyroMage 11100, Rogue 11100


Feat: Cause 90 damage in a single turn.

9. Let’s Beat the Competition!

The Shady Docks, Portville East Wood (after Q8) – Time has come for you to put all you learned in this boring tutorial into practice – A party of rival mercenaries is camping in the woods east of Portville and they plan to boss around Kameloot. Let’s nip any opposition in the bud!

Lv9 Soldier 11100, PyroMage 11100, Rogue 11100

Sparkling Potion, Big Fiber Supplement, Big Vitamin Supplement, Carrots Nectar

Feat: Do Not use any stars. Healer and blocking can help.

10. Protect & Serve 1

Citadel Outskirts, Citadel North Outskirts (after Q9) – The purpose of the Warriors Guild is to keep order in Kameloot, but due to budget restrictions, the number of patrols has been reduced, leaving the citizens in mayhem. Help the peasants from a farm north of the Citadel and tame their strangely unruly sheep.

Lv9 Soldier 11100, PyroMage 11100, Alchemist 11100

Agate Ring +50 HP, T1 Soldier

Feat: Clear all enemies in no more than 5 turns.






16. Disinfestation 1

Academy Cliffs, Academy Library Floor 1 (after Q9) – Oppressed by taxes, the Sage Guilde has had to lay-off personnel and reduce maintenance, causing infestation of the library in the Academy Basement. Go down into the basement and eliminate all of the undesired guests you meet!.

Lv10 Knight 11100, PyroMage 11100, Alchemist 11100

Variscite Ring STA+1, T3 Alchemist

Feat: Clear all enemies in no more than 6 turns.


18. Protect & Serve 2

Citadel Outskirts (after Q10) – Other animals in the farms west are also acting in a strangely hostile manner. The problem is no longer an isolated case. Get tot he bottom of what’s causing these animals to behave this way. Go to the west green fields and eliminate all of the hostile animals you meat along the way!

Lv12 Soldier 11100, Bandit 11100, Alchemist 11100

Acquamarine Ring HP+50, T1 Knight

Feat: Suffer no KO’s.






24. Disinfestation 2

Academy Cliffs (after Q16) – Continue the disinfestation going to the second underground floor of the lybrary. Be careful, some of the initiates of the guild have entered the corridors and have come back infected by a virus that has made them aggressive, horribly ugly, and stinky too!.

Feat: Perform 12 hits in a single turn.


26. Protect & Serve 3

Borderlands North Wood (after Q18) – The worst cases of hostile behavior on the part of the animals were witnessed in the where abouts of the woods. Near the border with Wizardry Forest. The cause of the problem must be among those trees: Identify and eliminate it.






































64. Sweat and Sand!

Warrior Guild Arena (after Q8) – Pay the registration fee and challenge your opponents in the arena to collect a gold reward and increase your popularity in Kameloot! Warning: If you lose the challenge, you will also lose the registration fee!.

Complete: Fee – 500g, Reward – 2000g

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