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Below are the Best Adventure Games for Android, iPhone, iPad, and on PC or Mac using BlueStacks. This list will be continuously updated with new games so check back in the near future. If there is an app you think deserves mention feel free to share it in the comments.

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Gem Miner – A fun mining game where your goal is to try and reach the bottom. You sell all the things you find each trip to the store above and use cash to purchase better items the let you travel deeper. Use ladders, lifts , and rocket propelled elevators to get around.

Elphis Adventure -  An RPG with lots of different enemies, equipment, drops, areas to explore, and more. Visit towns and traveling merchants to buy and sell goods. Farm bosses for better gear. Can get a bit on the grinding side if you don’t build your character properly. Movement is side scrolling with the ability to jump to high levels or drop off ledges to reduce height.

SwordigoSwordigo – A very fun and relaxing app with a leveling system, weapons, armor, magic, and special trinket that change the effects of equipment. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this title and I’m sure you’ll be truly satisfied when you play this one. Gain new abilities that let you pass obstacles to move ahead or go back to old location to find new secrets.

Swordigo World

Swordigo Equipment

Swordigo Map

The BlockheadsThe Blockheads – This has a Minecraft block look mixed with a Terraria 2D environment sprinkled with originality. You can build a home and a crafting station filled with tools that let you create different items and run them on solar power as well as other fuel sources such as wood and coal. Dig deep to find different ore, gems, treasure chests, cave systems, monsters, and more. Crow crops on the surface along with plant that only grow in water. Travel east and west as far as you can go with a world map that’s great for navigating over long distances. Tired of walking? Then build a teleport. If you like mining games you will love this one with it’s infinite replay value.

The Blockheads - Find Treasure and Gems The Blockheads - Explore Collect Build Craft The Blockheads - Play Alone or Online


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