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Best Games Guide WikiBest Games Guide Wiki with information on the best games for Android on Google Play, iPhone and iPad at iTunes, and on the PC and Mac using BlueStacks. This website is devoted to mobile gaming so this guide wiki will be updated regularly with new content. Click on the links above to navigate to different game type areas filled with the funnest handheld apps I’ve played or came across. Many will have offline capabilities some you don’t need an internet connection.

Android seems to take the #1 spot when it comes to the most played on mobile platform. With their ease of installation, amount of different cost efficient devices, massive selection, and cheap development fees it’s no wonder they rain supreme in the mobile community. With technology growing and devs learning more every day things can only get better.

With the absolute tons of developers out there making their own apps because it so easy and cheap now days you have to sort through a lot to find something good. A good tip for finding super fun games on Google Play is to search there category lists all the way through. The most regularly played are at the top and are very good, but if look through the ones closer to the bottom of the pile you can find some real gems. It seems the games are not listed in order of total downloads or popularity which can make it hard to find those amazing apps. For some reason apps sudden get hard to find on top

Though there are some super fantastic titles that don’t have very high download counts this guide and wiki will try to focus on the the very best. If there is some you would like to add to any of these list feel free to share it in the comments.

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