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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Gold BarsBubble Witch Saga 2 Gold Bars are the only type of currency in the game and must be purchased with real money. You start the game with 50 and can not acquire them by any other means. Once you use up your starting amount your out for good unless you fork up some cashola. Your probably going to want to hold on to them for as long as possible so you can use them on the later more difficult challenges.

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In many other titles by King you have some other type of item to collect so you can spend it on boosters and different things. With that said, many other apps will let you complete free offers for game credits as another option besides spend real cash. This is something that King seems to stay away from.

Golds Bars are used for 2 things. If you loose a mission you can choose to keep playing with 5 more bubbles for 12 gold. The other thing they let you do is buy boosters when you don’t have any.

If you really look at what this game is about you’ll find it’s all about gold bars. Do you ever notice how sometimes when you play a stage it’s pretty much impossible and you never get the bubble your looking for? This is intentional and programed into the app, not random. The are basically 2 types of stages you can play ones that are rigged to have the right bubbles so you have a chance to win and ones were you are guaranteed to loose no matter what you do.

Though there’s nothing really wrong with trying to make some cold hard cash, for me personally, playing something that is rigged with manipulation kind of takes the fun out of it. Especially when I work so hard to get to the end of a mission and the last 15 bubbles just don’t seem to want to produce a purple one.

This app is still in it’s early stages and could add other feature in future updates. Many of their other title have an absolute ton of missions to play and I’m sure this one will be no different.

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    I like to play bubble witch 2 and im stuck on level 24 do u have any tips or cheats to help me out. Thanks


    Need gold bars

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