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A Bubble Witch Saga 2 Hot Pot is a mode that lets you rack up a ton of points so you can get 3 stars really easy in most cases. To trigger a Hot Pot you just need to make consecutive matches in a row and the cauldrons below will start shooting flames out of them. When this happens you want to break loose as many bubbles as possible to maximize your scoring potential. The flames will go away after a certain amount of turns so you can take your time to think about your next move.

It’s best to try and think ahead leaving those big groups of dropable orbs until you can trigger the pots below. This also goes hand in hand with spiders that will appear at the bottom of your screen. One spider will come to your aid each time you make a match, but if you fail to make a match one time all of the spiders will disappear.

Try not to focus too much on making matches as you might run out of moves and not be able to complete the stage. Also keep in mind that many stages are rigged to be more difficult so you will hopefully throw some money at the developers. Every time you enter a stage the colors will be different so something that seemed impossible will suddenly be much easier. It may take 5 or more trys too get a wining board before you are aloud to move forward. When you look at how the game works and it’s mechanics it doesn’t even really look like a game anymore but a tools to make cash by misleading and directing folks where the devs want you to go. With that said I have put this app down and uninstalled it because I’m tired of feeling like I’m being pushed around when all I was looking for was a fun time killer.

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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Hot Pot

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