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Can You Build In Cube WorldIf you were wondering if you can build in cube world like you can in Minecraft, the answer that question unfortunately at the moment is no. The good news is that according to the wiki this is a feature that will be implemented in a future update.

Some more bad news is that this doesn’t look like it’s going to be on the next update. I’m not sure how hard it is to implement that feature but I’m sure it can’t be too far away. The only thing close currently would be the Ogre’s attacks which can damage the environment along with bombs.

There was some information posted on Wollay’s blog way back in 2012 where he talks about finding construction plans during your travels. Each plan would let you construct a certain part of your house. Once a home is complete you could display trophies and treasures that you found while adventuring. There was also mention of a way to Teleport back to your home. When they’re finally is implementation of environment editing this will probably be one of the first features.

If you’re interested I have typed up a post about the best solo class and how to use it to obliterate enemies and players alike. Check out below for things that will most likely be in the next update.

Things that will probably be in the next update:

  • The maximum power has been scaled from 100 to 20. This will not affect your strength, only the numbers are scaled.
  • Each area will now have a power select option where you can change the difficulty of all the monsters. The stronger the bad guy the better the drop.
  • The size of areas has been decreased from 64 to 20 and will make for faster exploration and closer cities.
  • The naming and coloring of characters and dungeons has changed. You will be able to know more about your potential target before you attack. Example: you may come across a level 18 Zombie in your travels. His name color could be blue and there will be a +18 next to it. This means his level is 18 and he has a chance of dropping level 18 equipment that is blue rarity.
  • Dungeons will now have a skull map marker that will let you know if it’s cleared. You can clear it by defeating the boss and it will remain empty for a couple days.
  • Giant underground caverns that travel on for long distances.

Not sure exactly the ETA on the above, but one thing is for sure though, once they implement the option to build and add to the environment, there will probably be a major shift from MineCraft to Cuba World. Notch will have had a great run and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finally started to implement some more RPG options, finally. Might even be a lawsuit or two over the whole deal. It would be a perfect example of not doing a good enough job and having someone come along and do it better or fill in the gaps with a little outside the box sprinkled in.

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