Jul 232014
Planet of Cubes Guide Wiki

This is a Planet of Cubes Guide Wiki containing all kinds of good information about the game. Planet of Cubes was developed by Plabs and is a MMO online only game that is almost identical to Minecraft with the only difference being different graphics and a very [...]

 July 23, 2014  Posted by at 10:13 pm Android, Arcade, iOS, Planet of Cubes, Wiki
Jul 012014
WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki

A WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki with info on various feature of the game. WorldCraft 2 is a Minecraft clone that runs very well on mobile devices. Developed by slabs you will find new twists with enemy types and controls. You are able to strike bad guys from a pretty long distance with melee weapons making fight fun and easy much of the time. Many similar features exist including crafting items from resources you gather whether its sticks, stone, gold, or diamonds. The best thing is that it’s 100% free and runs great.

 July 1, 2014  Posted by at 11:48 pm Android, Arcade, iOS, WorldCraft 2