Jul 242014
Horde of Heroes Download

Below are the official Horde of Heroes Download links to Google Play and iTunes where you can always find the most updated versions. Horde of Heroes is a puzzle game with many RPG elements including a leveling system, weapons, armor, special moves, and over 200 stage each [...]

 July 24, 2014  Posted by at 11:44 pm Android, Download, Horde of Heroes, iOS
Jul 232014
Planet of Cubes Free Download

Below are links to a Planet of Cubes Free Download from the official file locations at Google Play and iTunes. These links will always take you to the most up to date version of the game. Planet of Cubes is a free to play MMO block building game [...]

 July 23, 2014  Posted by at 10:29 pm Android, Download, iOS, Planet of Cubes
Jul 162014
Coin Dozer Download

Coin Dozer Download is available below with official links for Android users to Google Play and for iPhone/iPad/iOS users at iTunes. If you like coin pusher games you in luck and you won’t have to spend a ton of money like at the fair. This app has been a top play for awhile now and it might be just what your looking for in a time killer.

 July 16, 2014  Posted by at 3:56 pm Android, Coin Dozer, Download, iOS
Jul 162014
Farm Heroes Saga Download

Farm Heroes Saga Download are below from the official app locations for Android on Google Play and at iTunes for iPhone/iPad/iOS devices. Also play this game on Facebook for free which I hear that version is a little bit easier for some reason, probably because the controls are more accurate or maybe it’s so you go there to play it.

 July 16, 2014  Posted by at 3:22 pm Android, Download, Farm Heroes Saga, iOS
Jul 152014
Bubble Witch Saga 2 Download

Bubble Witch Saga 2 Download is below from the official file locations for Android on Google Play and at iTunes for iPhone/iPad/iOS devices. You can also play this app on Facebook for free and I hear that version is a little bit easier for some reason.

 July 15, 2014  Posted by at 6:20 pm Android, Bubble Witch Saga 2, Download, iOS
Jul 132014
Stick Death Download

Below is the official Stick Death Download link which leads to Google Play as this game has only been released for Android. You can on the other hand download a program called BlueStacks which will let you play the app on your PC and Mac like it was and Android device.

 July 13, 2014  Posted by at 9:08 pm Android, Download, Stick Death
Jul 092014
WorldCraft 2 Download Free

WorldCraft 2 Download Free from Google Play for Android and on iTunes for about $0.99 to use on iOS and iPhone. WorldCraft 2 is also called World of Cubes and is a lot like Minecraft. The developer seems to have many names for the same game making it more difficult for fans to find a content hub. You can find this game for many other platforms besides the ones listed below so use search engines to find what you need.

 July 9, 2014  Posted by at 12:43 am Android, Download, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 012014
Temple Run 3 Download for PC

A Temple Run 3 Download for PC will be available as soon as they release it for Android on Google Play. Once this happens you can use a program for your PC or Mac called BlueStacks that turns your computer into a mobile device to download it like you would on your handheld.

 July 1, 2014  Posted by at 3:43 pm Android, Download, iOS, Temple Run 3
Jun 282014
Temple Run 2 Download for PC

This is how to get a Temple Run 2 Download for PC and play it on your computer using your keyboard. This really couldn’t be any easier. The last time I checked Google for this information every single search result was spam, except this post. Be careful, these people want you to download and install their really small and really suspicious computer file with the belief your gonna be playing in no time. If you look closely, there really links to completely unrelated products which your going to install instead.

 June 28, 2014  Posted by at 11:57 pm Android, Download, iOS, PC, Temple Run 2