Jul 162014
Farm Heroes Saga Download

Farm Heroes Saga Download are below from the official app locations for Android on Google Play and at iTunes for iPhone/iPad/iOS devices. Also play this game on Facebook for free which I hear that version is a little bit easier for some reason, probably because the controls are more accurate or maybe it’s so you go there to play it.

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Jul 152014
Farm Heroes Saga Cheats

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats are pretty hard to come by and now that the game has eliminated the life restriction for offline Android users there isn’t much use for the old work around. Besides the little bit of information below I’m surprised there isn’t other cheats out there. Most of the search results on the subject are spam or way off topic. Below is probably some of the best advice your going to get when it comes to not playing Farm Heroes Saga by the rules.

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Jul 142014
Farm Heroes Saga Beans

Farm Heroes Saga Beans are gained after each stage depending on how many stars you get. You will get 75 for 1 star, 150 for 2, and 250 for 3. They can also be purchased with gold bars which must be purchased with real money. Since there so difficult to get a hold of it’s a good idea to hold on to them as long as possible.

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Jul 122014
Farm Heroes Saga Guide Wiki

This Farm Heroes Saga Guide Wiki has info on various features of the app. Farm Heroes Saga is a casual game developed by King and is available for Android on Google Play and iPhone/iPad/iOS at iTunes. With a missive amount of stages and a variety of gameplay modes this app can keep you busy for a long time.

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