Jul 112014
WorldCraft 2 PC

A WorldCraft 2 PC version is not available however you can play many Android apps on your PC and Mac by installing BlueStacks on your computer. It turns your desktop and laptop into a mobile device so you can use apps and games like you would a smart phone or tablet. For now the program is free though there is word of a payed option once it reaches a certain quality. This program is called an emulator and so far its the only one that words for mobile games.

 July 11, 2014  Posted by at 12:37 am Android, iOS, PC, WorldCraft 2
Jul 102014
Best Games Guide Wiki

Best Games Guide Wiki with information on the best games for Android on Google Play, iPhone and iPad at iTunes, and on the PC and Mac using BlueStacks. This website is devoted to mobile gaming so this guide wiki will be updated regularly with new content. Click on the links above to navigate to different game type areas filled with the funnest handheld apps I’ve played or came across. Many will have offline capabilities some you don’t need an internet connection.

 July 10, 2014  Posted by at 8:58 pm Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, PC
Jul 102014
Best Arcade Games Android iPhone iPad PC

The Best Arcade Games for Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC using the BlueStacks emulator. Below are the best i have found with many titles with various gameplay modes. This post is updated regularly so check back in the near future for fresh new titles and more content. If there is an app you would like to add to the list feel free to share it in the comments.

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Jun 282014
Temple Run 2 Download for PC

This is how to get a Temple Run 2 Download for PC and play it on your computer using your keyboard. This really couldn’t be any easier. The last time I checked Google for this information every single search result was spam, except this post. Be careful, these people want you to download and install their really small and really suspicious computer file with the belief your gonna be playing in no time. If you look closely, there really links to completely unrelated products which your going to install instead.

 June 28, 2014  Posted by at 11:57 pm Android, Download, iOS, PC, Temple Run 2
Mar 142014
Monster Legends Combat Guide

Welcome to the Monster Legends Combat Guide! Below are notes that I have been taking as I go along which may help you out during gameplay. For the most part you will never be able to have all elements in 1 party, so spending time building more [...]

 March 14, 2014  Posted by at 5:24 am iOS, Monster Legends, PC
Mar 132014
Can You Build In Cube World?

If you were wondering if you can build in cube world like you can in Minecraft, the answer that question unfortunately at the moment is no. The good news is that according to the wiki this is a feature that will be implemented in a future update. Some [...]

 March 13, 2014  Posted by at 7:06 am Cube World, PC
Mar 102014
Cube World Best Solo Class

The Cube World Best Solo Class would be the Mage due to it’s healing skill abilities.  By using your water magic you will reduce power dealt slightly, but add a healing effect to all attacks that restores allies and your HP at the same time. Your other [...]

 March 10, 2014  Posted by at 7:32 pm Cube World, PC