May 022014
Quadropus Rampage Pets

There are 6 Quadropus Rampage Pets including your main pet Bingo who is always active. Besides Bingo, your gonna have to purchase the the other 5 Pets with orbs or Doubloons. You can have a total of 3 pets active at once including 2 paid and Bingo. [...]

 May 2, 2014  Posted by at 7:21 pm Android, iOS, Quadropus Rampage
Apr 282014
Quadropus Rampage Guide Wiki

A Quadropus Rampage Guide Wiki with information on different aspects of the game. Quadropus Rampage was developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is freemium so you can unlock every thing without spending real money, though it’s gonna take some grinding. This Quadropus Rampage Guide Wiki is updated daily. [...]

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Apr 272014
Quadropus Rampage Artifacts

Quadropus Rampage Artifacts are found randomly in the Abyssal Depths and are also purchasable with orbs from Grubby who also appears randomly. The more orbs you have the more an artifact will cost. When your getting close to finding new ones it will say “You fell like [...]

 April 27, 2014  Posted by at 11:46 pm Android, iOS, Quadropus Rampage
Apr 272014
Quadropus Rampage Upgrades

Quadropus Rampage Upgrades are used to make your character stronger in every area and are upgraded using orbs. For a beginners, Attack and Vitality will make the biggest difference for survivability and traveling deeper. Upgrading Bingo will help speed up unlocking his Masteries. See more related content [...]

 April 27, 2014  Posted by at 10:07 pm Android, iOS, Quadropus Rampage
Apr 272014
Quadropus Rampage Masteries

Quadropus Rampage Masteries are unlocked by completing certain requirements listed below. If your planning on spending Doubloons to unlock them then you should know that the price will decrease based on how much of the mastery you have completed. This post is constantly being updated with tips [...]

 April 27, 2014  Posted by at 3:09 pm Android, iOS, Quadropus Rampage