Jul 172014
How To Play Stick Death

If your wondering how to play Stick Death you came to the right place. The object of the game is to kill everyone in the area without letting the other notice or get away. To do this you have to tap different objects in the environment which [...]

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Jul 142014
Stick Death Walkthrough

This is a Stick Death Walkthrough with videos and explanation on how to complete a particular level. The goal is to kill all of the people on a stage with them noticing. To due this you’ll will have to tap different objects in the environment and cause accidents. If you close the app and open it again you will have to start from the beginning again. There is no save feature or really any other options for that matter.

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Jul 132014
Stick Death Download

Below is the official Stick Death Download link which leads to Google Play as this game has only been released for Android. You can on the other hand download a program called BlueStacks which will let you play the app on your PC and Mac like it was and Android device.

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Jul 122014
Stick Death Guide Wiki

A Stick Death Guide Wiki with related info. Stick Death was developed by VOVO-STUDIO and is a puzzle game where you have to try and kill all the stick men in the current area. For not having that many features it sure is fun to play. Lot’s of good death humor showing different ways someone may kick the bucket. Similar to those movies where no matter what you do the grim reaper will find you.

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