Jun 302014
Temple Run 2 Upgrades

Temple Run 2 UpgradesIn the Temple Run 2 Upgrades menu there are a few things you can do. The first thing you’ll notice is that there are multiple players you can unlock. The the others things available are the Power Up and Ability buttons which will take you to areas that will let you configure your character and are defined below. One thing you should know is that any ability you upgrade will also be increase for all other players.

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Jun 292014
Temple Run 2 Best Character

Out of the 8 people you can play the Temple Run 2 Best Character goes to…Usain Bolt! Usain Bolt needs to be purchased from the store and once you have him you will unlock a new power up called Bolt which is really Boost and Magnet combined. It’s kind of a bummer that Mr. #1 has to be purchased with real cash, but I guess you could just think of it as and unfair buff advantage. Though it seems to more resemble someone trying to make some cash. The good thing is that you can open up all the feature with out having to hurt you wallet in real life. Other than that Power Ups and Ability increases count across everyone at the same time so you don’t have to worry about building up characters separately.

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Jun 282014
Temple Run 2 Download for PC

This is how to get a Temple Run 2 Download for PC and play it on your computer using your keyboard. This really couldn’t be any easier. The last time I checked Google for this information every single search result was spam, except this post. Be careful, these people want you to download and install their really small and really suspicious computer file with the belief your gonna be playing in no time. If you look closely, there really links to completely unrelated products which your going to install instead.

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Jun 282014
Temple Run 2 Ending

If your were wondering if there is a Temple Run 2 Ending you came to the right place. Your gonna wanna make sure your sitting down before I tell you this. Ok, now that your comfortable what I’m about to tell you might not make you feel that good. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an ending.

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Jun 282014
Temple Run 2 Obstacles

Temple Run 2 Obstacles appear randomly while traveling with the idol and you can be swooped away into a different area at any time including at the beginning. Each area can last a long time or for just a small bit and getting harder with more dangerous the further you travel. Since tilting your device in order to navigate many things is a must making sure you are in a comfortable tilting position will help you travel further easier.

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Jun 282014
Temple Run 2 Characters

There are 7 Temple Run 2 Characters which are playable during runs while you holding the idol and 1 more that needs to be purchased, but is actually a power up instead though he has his own player card on the character select screen. When you unlock a Power Up or purchase an Ability upgrade it applies to everyone so you don’t have to buy things separate. Besides needing to buy several people to open up different skills there are no bonuses or difference between each beside looks. Usain Bolt isn’t actually a full time player, but a power up instead which can be very useful for earning currency at a good rate.

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Jun 272014
Temple Run 2 Power Ups

Temple Run 2 Power Ups are an equitable buff that will give you advantages in certain situations. You meter on the top left will build up when you collect coins during a run. Once your meter is full double tap anywhere on the screen to use. You [...]

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Jun 262014
Temple Run 2 Guide Wiki

This Temple Run 2 Guide Wiki while cover various information and features of the game. Temple Run 2 is and Action game and was developed by Imangi Studios. It’s available for free download on Android and iOS/iPhone operating systems. You can also play it on a PC using and emulator like BlueStacks though I’m not sure how the tilt function will work.

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