Jul 012014
Temple Run 3 Download for PC

A Temple Run 3 Download for PC will be available as soon as they release it for Android on Google Play. Once this happens you can use a program for your PC or Mac called BlueStacks that turns your computer into a mobile device to download it like you would on your handheld.

 July 1, 2014  Posted by at 3:43 pm Android, Download, iOS, Temple Run 3
Jun 302014
Temple Run 3 Guide Wiki

Currently this Temple Run 3 Guide Wiki has very little information due to the game not being released yet. We are actually about 6 months past the expected release date of January 2014. The game was such a big hit and with over 1 billion downloads I’m surprised they don’t come out with one every year. I just hope there working on something really big. Come back in the near future and if the third installment is out this place should be blooming with info. In the mean time you can check out some related stuff below.

 June 30, 2014  Posted by at 11:26 pm Action, Android, iOS, Temple Run 3
Jun 302014
Temple Run 3 Release Date

The potential Temple Run 3 Release Date would have been somewhere around January 2014 assuming it was released within or around the same time as the first 2 installments. This means since there hasn’t been any word it could literally happen any day. Christmas is good, but sooner it better. There hasn’t been a for sure date set for the third installment yet though I’m sure we’ll eventually see another one.

 June 30, 2014  Posted by at 8:14 pm Android, iOS, Temple Run 3