Sep 222014
Worldcraft 2 Sand

If your looking for some WorldCraft 2 Sand your out of luck. So far sand is one of many things yet to be added to this app and no blocks have real physics at the moment. The developer does mention many things in the next update so keep [...]

 September 22, 2014  Posted by at 5:04 pm WorldCraft 2
Jul 262014
WorldCraft 2 Review

This is a WorldCraft 2 Review with a ton of insight into this app and others the have been made by the developer. First off this game resembles Minecraft in many ways including play style, graphics, and physics. Though there seems to be many things needed the free [...]

 July 26, 2014  Posted by at 4:28 pm Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 262014
Worldcraft 2 for Mac

You can get WorldCraft 2 for Mac by using a program called BlueStacks. Though it used to be free it will randomly ask yo to pay a yearly fee or download 4 random apps of their choosing which is kind of a pain in the butt sometimes considering [...]

 July 26, 2014  Posted by at 12:43 am Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 262014
WorldCraft 2 Eating

WorldCraft 2 Eating must be done in order to survive. When your food indicator is 8 and above you will regain health while your food meter will decrease. Once your food meter is below 8 icons you will not recover any hearts. Eating food items is the [...]

 July 26, 2014  Posted by at 12:22 am Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 262014
WorldCraft 2 Animals

There are 9 different WorldCraft 2 Animals that you may come across during gameplay. Below will go over what you will need to do to breed them and what items they may drop upon defeat. To breed animals you’ll have to feed 2 of the same type their [...]

 July 26, 2014  Posted by at 12:03 am Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 222014
WorldCraft 2 Chest

A WorldCraft 2 Chest is used to store different items and blocks so when you die you can keep things safe. A chest will hold up to 27 separate items and a total of 1728 pieces if there all stackable. Unlike Minecraft, when you place 2 chests side [...]

 July 22, 2014  Posted by at 12:53 am Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 212014
WorldCraft 2 Bucket

A WorldCraft 2 Bucket is only useful for one thing at the moment and that’s collecting milk from cows. To get milk just walk up to a cow and use the bucket on it like you would shears or a weapon. You can do this an unlimited amount [...]

 July 21, 2014  Posted by at 11:57 pm Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 212014
WorldCraft 2 TNT

WorldCraft 2 TNT is only available in Creative Mode and so far it seems like there is no way to blow it up. I’ve tried placing torches and other heat sources on and around it with nothing happening. There is also no flint or fire starting tools available [...]

 July 21, 2014  Posted by at 11:38 pm Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 212014
WorldCraft 2 Online

You can play WorldCraft 2 Online by selecting Multiplayer from the main menu. Once you in the online menu you can choose from several different types of maps. You can also upload your own Creative Mode maps to show off or let other people from around the world edit. All [...]

 July 21, 2014  Posted by at 12:37 am Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2
Jul 202014
WorldCraft 2 Tips

Here are some WorldCraft 2 Tips to help you out along the way. Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info. WorldCraft 2 Tips Shelter – You should make or find some kind of shelter before the first night and to protect you from bad guy [...]

 July 20, 2014  Posted by at 11:23 pm Android, iOS, WorldCraft 2