Jul 122014
WorldCraft 2 Diamond

WorldCraft 2 Diamond can be found in layers 1-16 with up to 10 block veins. Diamonds make the best tools, weapons, and equipment in the game. They will still sustain damage with use and disappear after it’s max use, but will last longer than any other item in it’s class. The best things to us diamonds on are armor for maximum protection and weapons for the strongest offense.

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Jul 112014
WorldCraft 2 Bed

A WorldCraft 2 Bed is a utility block the lets you skip the night cycle. It can be tricky to obtain in early gameplay stages due to it needing not so easy to come by materials. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra beds in a chest as they sometimes disappear after dying. Handy for exploring new areas where the risk of dying can transport you long distances back to a far away spawn point as it resets your re-spawn location to where you last slept. Will also help tremendously with traveling fast over the surface and avoiding the many night time dangers.

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Jul 112014
WorldCraft 2 Mobs

WorldCraft 2 Mobs can be passive or aggressive when approached. Passive mobs will not attack or run unless provoked and many can be used to gather certain items from killing them or from tools like shears and buckets. You can also mate some of them by feeding 2 of the same type while there next to each other. Aggressive enemies will attack on sight and should be avoided unless your ready for a fight.

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Jul 112014
WorldCraft 2 PC

A WorldCraft 2 PC version is not available however you can play many Android apps on your PC and Mac by installing BlueStacks on your computer. It turns your desktop and laptop into a mobile device so you can use apps and games like you would a smart phone or tablet. For now the program is free though there is word of a payed option once it reaches a certain quality. This program is called an emulator and so far its the only one that words for mobile games.

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Jul 092014
WorldCraft 2 Skins

WorldCraft 2 Skins are different character looks that can be changed on the starting menu. There are 13 male and 11 female varieties that are all unlocked from the beginning of play for free. You cannot change your Skin while you are playing single or multiplayer, it must be from the main menu just after the game loads up.

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Jul 092014
WorldCraft 2 Download Free

WorldCraft 2 Download Free from Google Play for Android and on iTunes for about $0.99 to use on iOS and iPhone. WorldCraft 2 is also called World of Cubes and is a lot like Minecraft. The developer seems to have many names for the same game making it more difficult for fans to find a content hub. You can find this game for many other platforms besides the ones listed below so use search engines to find what you need.

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Jul 082014
WorldCraft 2 Gameplay

Below are various WorldCraft 2 Gameplay YouTube videos. WorldCraft 2 plays a lot like Minecraft and has many similar features. Things that would set it apart would be different graphics, enemies, landscape look, mobile multiplayer with chat, and it’s free.

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Jul 082014
WorldCraft 2 Multiplayer

WorldCraft 2 Multiplayer is an online option that lets you share areas you created with people from around the world. You can have areas where it’s free for everyone to build or ones that need a password, but are still visible to every one. Each map has it’s own rating system letting visitors like or dislike the current multiplayer area. You get the option to save someone elses map when you exit it, now open it in single player to play offline or change then re-upload under different name.

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Jul 022014
WorldCraft 2 Survival

WorldCraft 2 Survival mode is a single player game type where you start with nothing. You have to harvest wood and gather other items to build equipment, tools, and shelter. This game is very similar to Minecraft. When you run out of hearts you will drop all your items and equipment , then respawn to where you used your bed last or your initial starting point.

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Jul 012014
WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki

A WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki with info on various feature of the game. WorldCraft 2 is a Minecraft clone that runs very well on mobile devices. Developed by slabs you will find new twists with enemy types and controls. You are able to strike bad guys from a pretty long distance with melee weapons making fight fun and easy much of the time. Many similar features exist including crafting items from resources you gather whether its sticks, stone, gold, or diamonds. The best thing is that it’s 100% free and runs great.

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