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Clumsy Ninja Guide WikiThis is a Clumsy Ninja Guide Wiki with info and tips. Clumsy Ninja is a free training game for Android and iOS where you do various things for exp inside a 3D environment. Starting out as a flimsy coward you will become more confident with each level up reacting faster and better to everything. Updated daily.

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Gain Exp through different means to reach the best belt at Lv 99 and gain the strength to find your kidnapped cradle robbing girlfriend (or really attached mother, not exactly sure yet) Kira.


At Lv 16 you will get a new area to train in and again at Lv 36. Touch the colored triangle on the sign post in the middle of your area to bring up the travel map.

The Hills – Unlocked at Lv16

The Temple – Unlocked at Lv36




Open at start of game. To use tap the desired trampoline then tap it directly or drag and drop you character on to it (move in front or behind and will auto adjust forward or backward. When on he will start to jump, now sway your finger left and right on the base of the trampoline to move it so you continue to jump without falling off. The bar on the left will continue to fill with exp until full when the training session will end. The more stars you get the better and faster you’ll be. The quickest way to start using is to drop player from high up on to it so you start bouncing right away.

First Jumper – XP100 C5 Free – Teaches young ninjas basic moves!

Spring Morning – XP300 C20 (L6/70c L3/6g) – Puts extra spring into your jump.

Bouncer – XP2,500 C150 (L11/280c L6/24g) – Bounce higher, better, faster, stronger!

Cloud Buster – XP12,000 C500 (L1/81,600 L9/28g) – Exclusive for high-flying.

Blue Diamond – XP25,500 C1,100 (L25/11,000c L11/34g) – Touch the sky.

Ruby Red – XP37,500 C1,700 (L30 14,000c L16 40g) – Take bouncing to the very highest level

Golden Dragon – XP120,000 C5,000 (L49/150,000c L21/55g) – Soar into space.

Punching Bag

Need Lv 2. A punching bag that must lifted and held steady in specified area. Once attacking try to hold steady and keep in front of fighter. Keep at a lower height so you can kick, punch, and head butt for maximum gain. Once lifted you’ll have to keep it within the white circle on the ground for it to count. After using, a refresh time is needed until there available again. Fast and controlled way to train.

Old Rice SackOld Rice Sack – XP100 C5 (Lv2 140c) – A fragile bag good for beginners.

Sturdy Rice SackSturdy Rice Sack – XP1,100 C75 (L8 290c L3 10g) – Puts the ‘punch’ in ‘slightly better punch bag’

Old Faithful – XP3,500 C200 (L1 211,5000c L7 26g) – Only the hardest punches can move this bag

The Shadow – XP15,000 C600 (L20 4,300c L11 30g) – Used by all the masters for training.

Hard Knocks – XP34,500 C1,400 (L29 11,000c L13 36g) – Named after elite school.

Emerald Dragon – XP60,000 C2,500 (L35 28,000c L16 44g) – Only the best can square up against it.

Dragon’s Eye – XP90,000 C4,000 (L46 99,000c L19 55g) – Requires a punch with the power of a dragon!

Throwing Balls

Need Lv 5. Swipe ball like objects toward your character to gain exp. Short and quick for the best distance. You get an infinite amount, but only gain exp when your toon is ready. Try to get them to use their learned moves from stars by tossing in the right area, this will speed up training.

Watermelons – XP600 C40 (L7120c L/516g) – Large enough for beginners to deflect.

Cantaloupe – XP1,700 C100 (L9/300c L7/24g) – A tricky item to deflect, but bursting with fruity goodness!

Red Star - XP6,750 C300 (L13/400c L9/26g) – Quick wits are required for this classic!

Slam Dunk – XP21,000 C900 (L24/7,300c L11/34g) – Slam this into your character to really test his skills!

Soccer Ball – XP45,000 C1,900 (L32/15,000c L16/42g) – Can you kick it? Only the best can!

Ninja Star Ball – XP75,000 C3,000 (L40/64,000c L19/48g) – Even Sensei’s star pupils struggle to deflect this!

Rainbawl – XP97,500 C4,000 (L47/120,000c L21/55g) – The power of seven dragons surges through this famed ball.

Kick Dummies

Need Lv 8. One of the easiest methods of use is to drag the dummy at it’s head height and drop it in the middle of the white circle area letting go completely so your fighter can do his work. Ancient Master has the highest amount of experience gain for all training types, though getting your fighter to attack it consistently be tricky sometime and can slow down progress making Throwing Balls and Bags a faster method.

Patchwork – XP9,000 C400 (L17/5,000c L8/28g) – Quite fragile, but good for beginners.

Red Fury – XP18,000 C750 (L22/7,000c L11/32g) – A fearsome moustache?

Ninjakitty – XP30,000 C1,200 (L27/20,000c L13/36g) – Cute bag that teaches dangerous moves!

Scarecrow – XP52,500 C2,000 (L34/27,000c L16/44g) – Scares all but the best (and crows!)

White Shadow – XP67,000 C2,500 (L37/79,000c L18/46g) – One of the hardest kicked dummies around!

Little Brother – XP82,500 C3,500 (L42/110,000c L20/52g) – The toughest opponent a ninja can face… is himself!

Ancient Master – XP112,500 C4,500 (L48/140,000c L22/55g) – Holds the trapped spirit of an old samurai master.


Holiday Box

Has group rate special pricing for new game content that you have to purchase with real money. Have tried out yet, but looks like it would potentially be new boxes, ice skates with new ice area, cannon for coins or exp, snowman kicking tool.

Box of Toys

When you spend real money you will get new items that can be interacted with including a Jet Pack, Cannon, Spring Boards, and a Target Tower. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m guessing these will have timers and can be used to gain exp.


Lanterns – Behavior is the same as balloons and you gain exp by placing and popping.

The Gong XP5000 – Swipe your player forward to throw into the gong or use other objects including tapping the screen to activate the gong.

Fortune Crates -

Suits, Belts, Headbands

Suits – Wearing suits will increase the amount of experience you earn when training. The bonus starts at 10% and goes up by 5% with each new suit purchased. Some let you customize with other suits, belts, and, headbands while others won’t. Master Suit Coming Soon… needs to be unlocked by reaching a certain point in the game.

Belts – There are 53 Belts total and a new one is unlocked at these levels: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39-50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 84, 88, 90, 92, 95, and 99.

Headbands – Can unlock them at any level for 50 Coins or 3 Gems each. Headbands have no bonuses other than cosmetic and matching you outfit with all accessories. Finding the color that makes you feel good can improve gameplay.

Fun Stuff


Touch on the ground where you want to place them. You have to attack the balloon to it’s designated target before you can pop it for exp. Fill 2 at once by putting more than 1 finger on the screen. Attach to thin air and they will hover letting you pop them without hassle, drag again to attach to something. Will deflate after awhile giving you exp as though you popped it manually.

Fiery Balloon – XP10 5x10c – Try tying to foot.

Pink Hearts – XP30 5x15c 10x2g (L3/15c L2/2g) – Tie them to your favorite training item!

Sky Balloon – XP85 (L9/25c L3/4g) – Try tying to the chicken or squirrel.

Red Hearts – XP150 (L13/40c L4/5g) – Give some then share a photo!

Natural Balloon – XP230 (L16/50c L5/6g) – See how many you can tie to an animal!

Pure Hearts – XP800 (L23/65c L6/7g) – Try tying one to your favorite animal!

Sensei Balloon – XP1,300 (L30/75c L7/8g) – Can tie to training items.

Multi Colored – XP2,000 (L36/100c L9/10g) – A random selection of colored balloons.

Friends and Plants Friends and Plants

Need Lv 4. Attract new friends and plants to produce more coins. Once purchased the item will stay around permanently producing coins after a certain time interval. These are essential for gaining coins and should be purchased sooner rather than later. Once purchase these will always be located on the west side of your screen, tap them to view remaining time until harvest. You can interact with free roaming animals with things like attachable objects and throwing them across the screen.

Chicken – C50 (L10/900c L4/50g) – A mischievous chicken…

Squirrel – C550 (L24/11,00c L4/80g) – A mysterious squirrel…

Solidwood Chest – C250 (L13/1,000c L4/24g) – Produces coins at regular intervals.

Apple Sapling – C500 (L17/2,200c L4/26g) – Grow apples, earn coins.

Bee Nest – C300 (L19/2,000c L4/28g) – Make money by selling sweet honey.

Bamboo Shoot – C1,600 (L22/7,700c L4/30g) – Grows shoots, and leaves money behind.

Cherry Sapling – C600 (L23/3,600 L4/30g) – You’ll get a good price for these colorful fruit.

Potions Potions

Need Lv 2. Made from 100% fun! After using will cause different things to happen to your body for a limited amount of time (view timer top right of screen).

Tornado – XP10 5x50c 10x4g (L3/50c) – Spin uncontrollably!

Dizzy – XP60 5x100c 10x6g (L7/100c L4/6g) – Makes it hard to stay on your feet!

Freeze – XP350 (L12/150c L6/8g) – Freezes anybody who dares to drink it! Makes you completely stiff like a statue

Rage – XP1,000 (L21/500c L8/10g) – Won’t be calm after drinking. Makes your train faster and causes red and white enemy cardboard cut outs to appear that can be destroyed for 0 exp or coin.

Jelly – XP2,000 (L27/1,000c L10/12g) – Turn limbs into jelly! Go completely limp stopping him from grabbing everything when trying to control him.

Anti Gravity – XP2,500 (L31/2,500c L12/15g) – Makes you light as a feather! Float very easy while hovering at the same height as balloons.

Ninja Juice – XP8,000 (L50/250,000c L14/30g) – Become the most skilled in the land! Makes all training animations special moves.


Need Lv 2. Get that extra ‘ow’ factor when throwing ninjas! Throw your guy and other objects through the various hoop positions and styles to acquire exp.

Target Practice – XP60 (L5/95c L2/5g) – A simple hoop to throw your player through.

The Dunker – XP410 (L8/100c L5/22g) – Try dunking through the hoop.

Ring of Fire – XP3,500 (L20/4,200 L7/28g) – Perfect for long range shots.

Elite Hoop – XP6,000 (L26/20,000 L9/32g) – Aim carefully for the perfect dunk!

Double Dunk – XP11,000 (L32/24,000 L11/38g) – Double dunk with this hoop!

Figure Eight – XP16,000 (L39/59,000 L13/44g) – Perfect timing is required for this elaborate contraption!

Ball Guns Ball Guns

Need Lv 6. Fire balls, lemons, and more! Tap these and they will automatically fire different balls at you which give exp when they hit. The guns will target you where ever you are, then just tap the gun at the desired rate to fire it.

Pea Shooter – XP1,600 (L14/1,250c L6/24g) – For scaring beginners.

Pop Gun – XP2,800 (L19/8,000c L8/28g) – Aid with this training sharpshooter!

Crimson Danger – XP6,000 (L25/9,200c L10/32g) – For those who like to court danger!

Night Strike – XP7,000 (L28/10,000c L12/34g) – Strikes when least expected (during the daytime!)

The Business – XP11,000 (L33/26,000c L14/38g) – If you survive this you deserve a promotion.

Lucky Punk – XP16,000 (L38/30,000c L16/44g) – Will need more than luck to avoid this gun.

Golden Ball Gun – XP19,000 (L45/130,000c L18/48g) – A legendary gun that’s terrifyingly accurate.

Platforms Platforms

Need Lv 5. Conquer you fear of heights! Lift the fighter up onto one of the ledges or steps and then tap any place on the ground for him to jump off for exp.

Small Ninja Tower – XP620 (L10/75c L5/22g) – Tap the ground to leap off.

High Beam – XP1,600 (L15/2,700c L7/24g) – Try poking as he tries to walk across.

Large Ninja Tower – XP8,100 (L29/24,000c L9/34g) – Great for gymnastics if you can hold on.

Pyramid Tower – XP12,000 (L34/28,000c L11/40g) – Can you hit every part on the way down?

Stone Tower – XP19,000 (L43/81,000c L13/46g) – Try jumping off through a hoop!

Crates and Barrels Barrels

Need Lv 4. Trip, shove, and knock anyone! When placed on the field any kind of interaction can cause the item to produce exp. You can tap it and you character will walk over and start to destroy it. A personal favorite is corning my little buddy, then grabbing the object with my finger and swipe it rapidly into my student, it’s kinda like practicing for an 8 on 1 beat down and the whole process is sped up quite nicely.

Wooden Crate – XP10 3x25c (L3) – Try dropping onto your character.

Wooden Barrel – XP130 5x4g (L11/100c) – An angry person will attack.

Green Giant – XP230 (L14/150c L6/6g) – Good for swinging.

Reinforced Crate – XP600 (L23/400c L8/8g) – Can you stand on it?

Red Barrel – XP850 (L26/600c L10/10g) – Try and hit your toon from far away.

Metal Rocker – XP1,200 (L29/800c L12/10g) – Try throwing at a stack of them!

Bamboo Barrel – XP1,500 (L32/1,000c L14/12g) – Fun things happen when thrown though a hoop.

Stone Strength – XP2,800 (L43/1,500c L16/15g) – Annoy by hitting with this.


Tips, Tricks, Hints

Erase – You can put all items away that are out by tapping the far right brush button.

Help – You can find help menus showing you how to use a certain item by clicking on the blue “!” right before placing it.

Level Up – Tap the blue experience meter to check your exp needed to level up.

Rearrange – You can long press items that you have placed out in the area to put them away or relocate them.

The Path of The Ninja – Check the poster on the west building wall to see your progress through the game.

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