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Coin Dozer Guide WikiA Coin Dozer Guide Wiki with general and gameplay info. Coin Dozer is a Casual Casino game developed by Game Circus LLC and is available for Android on Google Play and iPhone/iPad/iOS at iTunes. Depending on the amount of user interest this Guide Wiki may or may not be filled with related content. Check back in the near future for any updates.

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How to Play

The objective is to push objects on coins into the bottom hole for more tokes, prizes, puzzle pieces, and big bonus token that all do different things.

Tap the screen in front of the pusher on the top of the screen to drop tokens on the board. The pusher will move back and forth constantly pushing anything that gets in it’s way forward.

You gain experience and increase levels by pushing tokens of the front edge, but not the left or right side ones.

Complete puzzles for bonus tokens and exp. Pieces are drops on the board just like prizes.

Tips, Trick, Hints, Help

You can guide things that are close to falling into the side holes toward the front hole where they count for something. By dropping 1 token on the far side same as the item your trying to save you can push it away from the ledge. You may need to consistently drop on the far side several times to achieve the desired result. Some things are to far gone and won’t be obtainable.

Coins recover much fast while you are in game 30 second each than when the game is closed where they will recover at 1 every 9 minutes. You could leave your device on for a faster recover, though would probably have to plug it in so the battery didn’t die. A pause screen will come on after awhile so you’ll have to tap your screen once in awhile too.

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