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Coin Dozer OnlineThe only Coin Dozer Online capabilities would be purchasing coins and dozer dollars with real money or doing free offers for coins. There are also ads which appear throughout the app.

If you where hoping there was some way to game with your buddies over the air ways so far nothing like that is possible. There is no way to play with other people online at the moment or to go on the web somewhere and use the app. As popular as this game is I wouldn’t be surprised they came out with a part 2 that had multiplayer functions.

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After a quick Google search i found there where people saying that you could do this on their website, but it was actually a different type of coin game with much different mechanics. Though this could be something someone is interested in it made me want to play Coin Dozer that much more.

Best to be cautious around folks who say one thing and do another. Besides being spammy it’s also a warning sign of other negative internet behavior like a virus so be wary when downloading files from them.


Some obvious ideas might be gifting others and social sharing. They could put in an adventure mode where you could move forward through different environments and boards.

The Puzzle feature is new and wasn’t there when first released. It adds a nice touch for generating extra coins and exp. It’s kinda hard to see that lovely piece fall off the cliffs or doom when you really need it though.

This app has been out for a long time without a sequel so one could become available any day now. It has been tremendously successful and at the top of Google Plays best free games list for awhile now. They have made some variations of this title including Seasons, Halloween, and World Tour, but nothing super different.

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