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Cube World Best Solo Class MageThe Cube World Best Solo Class would be the Mage due to it’s healing skill abilities.  By using your water magic you will reduce power dealt slightly, but add a healing effect to all attacks that restores allies and your HP at the same time. Your other alternative would be to use fire which does more damage raining death from afar. When enemies are close you can cast area effect spells hurting everything around you in addition to filling up your health. Saves a ton on potions and the effort it takes to make them. Really useful in battle due to more HP recover alternatives. If things are getting squishy down in the pit you can teleport up to 110 tiles away.

Melee attackers will find themselves constantly chasing the best solo class while you blast them from a distance with magic, then disappearing making them have to find you and attempt to chase you down again. If you want to run away just teleport to the top of some trees and use them for travel. For most PvE battles with melee opponents you won’t be touched.

If your wondering if or when you’ll be able to add or take away from the environment you can check out my post called “Can You Build in Cube World?“. I’ve listed what will probably be in the next update.


I personally like the Frogman as he is slightly shorter than average and green like grass for better assassination attempts in the Forest, which is always the first environment. His eye’s can be mistaken as tall yellow grass. Plus frogs with water magic just makes sense, reminds me of Chrono Trigger. Picking a light skin character with white hair would have the same effect in snowy terrain.

A Dwarf (2 blocks shorter than Frogman) is the smallest race followed by the Goblin which is 1 block taller.


Healing Stream SkillYou have to purchase a different skill set from a trainer in the Adventurers District of any town. To do so just stand if front of the NPC that has your weapon type, open your skill window, select the desired skill tab you want and choose learn at the bottom. The cost for switching increases as you level up. All points that you have invested in to fire magic will now switch to water. You can’t have both though, and will need to pay again to switch.

Changing your skill set will also modify all your weapons with the same element with completely different animations.

Tier 1

Fire Explosion – Hurts and pushes back enemies with chance to stun. Invest in to increase push force and cooldown.

Healing Stream – Use on yourself and allies consuming MP to replenish HP with no cooldown. Raise strength for cheaper cast cost. Very useful for staying alive with all weapon types.

Pet Master – Put 5 points in to unlock Riding

Climbing – Spent at least 5 in this to unlock Hang Gliding. Let’s you climb for longer.

Swimming – Need to invest level 5 to use the boat.

Tier 2 – Need 5 in tier 1

Mana Shield – Lasts 30 seconds and adsorbs a certain amount of damage so you take less. Upgrade to reduce cooldown and increase the amount of damage absorbed. Helps take surviving to the max. Use at the beginning of toughs fights for extra protection.

Riding – Can easily become your main source of travel across land.

Hang Gliding – Must have for transportation. Hit spacebar to use stamina and stay at consistent high or float peacefully through the air slowly loosing altitude.

Sailing – Travel over Lakes, Oceans, and down Rivers that are at least 2 tiles deep. Speed is very efficient and should purchase early.

Tier 3 – Need 5 in tier 2

Teleport – Move up to 110 tiles away in an instant, upgrade to reduce cooldown. Pass through windows and small holes, travel across the tree tops and buildings, vanish into thin air completely dominating melee challengers.


All M2 clicks cost 30MP and they all give of light which is good for exploring caves.

Staff – M1 Small flame tornado that effects and area up to about 110-115 tiles away. M2 Larger and stronger tornado with wider area that can stun, the only move on a new game that can harvest bushes and stuff with one click. This is better suited for large groups.

Bracelets – M1 Rapid flaming/aqua balls that travel forever, very fast and straight shooting. M2 Quick move with large fireball that can stun. Really good for small groups and 1 on 1. Can duel wield for more bonuses and power.

Wand – M1 Slow shooting ball twice the strength of bracelets with unlimited shooting distance. M2 Quick burst of 4 big orbs that can stun. M2 has more chances to stun than with Bracelets. Besides the extra chance to knock an opponent down the regular move is a little on the slow side.


Obtaining pets can take awhile at first, but once you get one the benefits can be tremendous. Below are specific companions that compliment the Mage very well. You can find items to tame your pet from enemy drops and the general store in each town will sell 1 item at a time. Visit other towns or use different seeds to find what you need (Seed locations coming…). You can find a ton more info about pets here.

Cube World Turtle Pet#1 Turtle – Where this get’s really good is when you have this buddy for a pet that acts as the only current tank type. Use Cinnamon Roll and found in Rivers, Jungles, and Oceans. Stay away from the fight assisting your Turtle and killing the bad guys works well, loves to knock things down. When put up against bosses, the green guy will let you get their life down to half or more before having the boss come after you directly. Having the option to be used for transportation gives it additional usability.

Cube World Spitter Pet#2 Spitter – They only pet that can restore HP to allies giving you through the roof survivability. Use Water Ice to tame and found in Ocean, Islands, and Lake areas. This can be over doing it though as in some situations more DPS is desired over recovery. The opposite is also true as sometimes you won’t be able to keep your HP up with out retreating. This is exceptionally true with bosses and large groups of enemies.

Parrot#3 Parrot – This one is something everyone might want to try out as it’s programed to drop items every time it dies. This tactic can be used to obtain random things that can be used or sold for profit. Think of it as a self filling pinata the enemy breaks open for you. Needs a Ginger Tartlet and found in Oceans, Jungles, and Snowlands. Unfortunately, can’t be ridden or go under water.

Saving Money

Getting injured fighting baddies is inevitable and buying restorative items can get expensive quick. Having portable healing is gonna make your life easier. I would rather sell the garden food I find in towns, keeping a few of course, and banking cash for the good stuff. All classes are going to get pounded especially the Warrior and Rogue, energy spent on getting supply’s and money for replenishing hit points can instead be used for more exploring.


With free healing and playability in any party position this will be something that everyone is gonna have in their arsenal of characters. Since this game is still in early development the possibility of getting more options for the Mage looks promising. Right now it seems to be overpowered when compared to the rest which I enjoy immensely. For now it remains Cube Worlds best solo class.

(Tip: Bigger combos will increase your power with fire while doing the same with water only adding faster attack speed. You can test this on Scarecrows.)

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