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Dark Avenger Archer Guide BuildThe Dark Avenger Archer Guide Build is probably the best class due to it’s long range penetrating attacks. Any enemy without a good ability to fight at a distance will find itself taking heavy damage from a far and dying quickly after. Because of her fast run and gun movement you’ll always have time to pinch off a few shots between dodging attacks.

You can find the equipment of Rare quality for free in Boss Raids. The strength of Rare items you find can be far beyond your current equipment power only you don’t need a level requirement to equip it so you can get end game stuff very early. These items will make the single player campaign a breeze.

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Focused Shot – This is your normal attacks power shot. Each time you fire your main weapon 3 times you’ll will launch a special shot that will penetrate and knock back all bad guy making for great crowd control.

Spirit Arrow -  Fires 3 arrows that spread out slightly while passing through enemies causing big knock back and works on bosses. Doesn’t cost very much and is very effective.

Somersault – Will knock back all enemies within a small range around the player while you move slightly backwards. Cheapest skill to use and has shortest cooldown time. You are immune while using this so you can use it to block incoming ranged damage or other enemy attacks. Because of it’s short range and small retreat you run risk of taking damage in many situations when used offensively.

Shooting Stars (Ultimate) – Damages everything within a medium distance. Is good for taking out crowds when you have MP to spend.

Frost Snare – Lay a medium size area around you slowing and damaging once any bad guy who enters. Can be used to freeze groups in place for building Rage fast. Doesn’t last that long and is best ust in quick reaction situations. Can get you hurt since your not Immune to all damage while casting like other long casting spells.

Starbound (Ultimate) – Creates a large orbs around you trapping enemies and hitting them multiple times. Will charge Rage very fast when you attack multiple enemies at once so be ready to strike right away with other group attacks to maximize damage. For big single target set off your Rage then use all your skills for big bonus damage. Cost slightly MP more than Shootings Stars , but will always do about 200% more damage and charge Rage making this your best ultimate skill.

Cluster Shot – Fires a single arrow that explodes upon contact hurting those within range. Has more power than Spirit Arrow, but a much smaller kill zone and would be better for a one on one fight. Builds Rage slowly.

Adrenalin Rush – Will increase your speed and attack power for a short time.

Rapid Fire – MP cost grow until 4th tier where it becomes cheaper to cast.


Passive – These skills are the same for each class, but must be invested in separately and don’t stack between classes. They cost Gold until level 6 where you’ll have to start using gems to upgrade further, though strength gained can be significant more. It is recommended to buy all the upgrades that cost gold for everything as soon as possible. Some skills are the best place to spend gems as there permanent upgrades.

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    i have been playing dark avenger for some time now and i really loved this game, i rate it a five star game and its a game thats free in the market but the problem i have is,that i cant seem to upgrade to tehe fourth skill, i like anyone here to please tell how to upgrade.thanks edwin

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