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Dark Avenger Berserker Guide BuildThis Dark Avenger Berserker Guide Build while cover various features about the Berserker from skills to strategy. This class is a melee fighter and his moves are geared towards an up close and personal fighting style. He has strong attack power and and can stun foes with normal attacks letting you attack continuously. Your main attack and many skills will hits multiple foes at once making this guy ideal for group killing. If enemies can be stunned or interrupted then you can continuously use your normal weapons to beat them without risk off taking damage, bigger foes must be evaded to avoid damage. It can be tricky sometimes to get an “S” rank with a melee class as you can take more damage than ranged classes resulting in a lower grade.

Healing potions are pretty cheap and can be gotten consistently as drops on many boss stages. Spending a lot of gold on potions can slow the progress of skill progression dramatically. I had maxed out everything by the last stage with my Archer, but I didn’t spend any money on potions. So spending a ton of gold on healing will result in more grinding to get skills, items, and equipment.

Boss battle can be extremely difficult so this class is not recommended for beginners. Keep in mind that some boss moves can be avoided by simply running behind them when they initiate their assault since you’ll probably be in close range anyhow.

Rage can be built up at a good rate while facing multiple monsters with normal attacks because they hit around the front of you.

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Hard Strike – This is the 3rd attack in your normal attack sequence that has a slightly longer reach and bigger radius able to reach enemies behind you. This should be maxed out as soon as possible because you’ll be using it more than any other move.

Stomp – Hurts foes that are around you, then knocks them back and off their feet or to the ground. If it doesn’t kill weaker opponents right away you usually just need 1 or 2 more hits to finish them off. Has very short range. Great for taking out weak enemies. Good for when your normal attack isn’t keeping back bad guys. Can be tricky to use and can end up getting you hurt if you misuse it be letting many foes hit you before you can use Stomp.

Earthquake – Like Stomp above this move is geared to keep foes away from you when to many are getting close. Damage is very small and is better suited for avoiding damage with the invincible feature.

Death Sentence (Ultimate) -

Tow ‘n Blow -

Black Hole (Ultimate) -

Whirling Death -

Fury -

Stone Guard -


Passive – These skills are the same for each class, but must be invested in separately and don’t stack between classes. They cost Gold until level 6 where you’ll have to start using gems to upgrade further, though strength gained can be significant more. It is recommended to buy all the upgrades that cost gold for everything as soon as possible. Some skills are the best place to spend gems as there permanent upgrades.

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    helo….. ummm I wanna knw abut how to get the last weapon of berseaker becoz I try a lot to get those weapon bt I simply don’t knw how to do so can u help meh out pleze..

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