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Dark Avenger Best ClassThe Dark Avenger Best Class would have to go to the Archer because of her normal attack ability to pass through multiple enemies and fast ranged attacks. On the Archers 3rd consecutive normal attack she will launch a large arrow the will pass through multiply foes and will travel a good distance letting you mow down the bad guys very easily. This makes killing groups of monster much faster which is very important for getting a S rank in Time Attack and building Rage quickly. If you are unsure about which class to pick try playing all of them till the first boss and see which one works the best for you.

If your not into flinging arrows you can try out the others classes until the first boss and see which you like the most. All gold, gems, and other currency is shared between all your save slots so it’s not a complete waste to try all the classes any how. The Templar could be the next best character and seems to rank high and many on Boss Raid score boards.

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Dark Avenger Best Class

Fighting Tactics:

Hold down button for auto attack.

Run away from multiply enemies so they follow you and funnel into a straight line, then use penetrating attacks to kill many fast.

Since most attacks are geared towards dealing damage from afar you can stay out of harms way while fighting which gives you great survivability.

Melee enemies without poor long range fighting capabilities will destroyed easily like fish in a barrel.

When your Rage meter fills is the best time to use MP skills against small and large foes for extra big damage. This will spend you MP more wisely until later in the game when you’ll have tons of MP to spare without worry of running out during missions.

Play Boss Raid for Rare items that give you massive strength. Find the Rare items in box’s that you get from boss drops and high score awards. Your going to want to do this as soon as possible because once you finally do you’ll realize you were missing out.

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