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Dark Avenger Boss RaidThe Dark Avenger Boss Raid area can be attempted 10 times per raid and has some of the best equipment in the game. If you get a good enough score (which can be easy) you’ll get bonus rare weapons and armor box’s in pop up messages randomly while your playing. If things seem do difficult try choosing a raid with your recommended level or stay out of the fight when you near death and try to grab Health potions that appear in the bottom left of the arena.

You will get a penalty to your earned BP point if you enter a raid that is lower than you level. You can still get drops and high score bonus items.

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Dark Avenger Boss Raid Tips

You only get 10 tries per raid. Make sure to use all your keys before a raid is over.

If you get a good enough score during a season (raid period) you will receive a gift like Rare Equipment Box’s which contain some of the strongest items in the game and have no level requirement to wear.

There are 4 Difficulties: Easy Lv 1-15, Medium Lv 16-30, Hard Lv 31-45, and Very Hard Lv 46-60. Each on is considerable harder than the last though you can get better stuff.

If you play easier raids where you can defeat the boss on your own you can have a better chance of getting a high score landing you bonus rare box’s after a season. Try using 1 key on each difficulty your able to do this far a better chance at bonus loot.

In the bottom left and right side of the arena you’ll find 2 potions that consistently appear shuffling between 4 different ones including: Left Side – Health, Mana. Right Side – Speed, and Armor. They come back pretty fast after taking and can make difficult battles much easier. You can help others survive by always taking the mana potion until a health one is available, then leave the health so anyone who needs healing can get it fast.


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