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Dark Avenger Download – Below are download links to the official Google Play Market and iTunes iOS file locations so they will always be the fully updated versions.

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Dark Avenger Download

Dark Avenger Download



Tips, Tricks, Hints

Buy Necklaces with gold on the Misc tab in the Shop for bonuses to Gold, Exp, Regen, Resistance, and chance to find magic items.

Replay Bosses for good equipment.

Make sure to check the looking glass to see other stats a magic item may have.

The empty equipment slot is for necklaces that can be purchased in the shop for gold. That Ancient Necklace cost 8 Ancient Medal. You should buy one of these as soon as possible.

Continuously hold the normal attack button down for auto fighting.

View, stats like Resistance, Magic Find, Gold Find, Bonus Exp, and Mana Regen in the character select screen by selecting more.

Older stages can still drop close to current level equipment.

Leveling up with Recharge HP, MP, and skill timers.

Find Rare equipment on Boss Raids without level requirements to wear. These weapons and armor can be massively better than magic finds in single player and stronger than shop items.

Stages can easily be replayed for normal and magic items, gold, exp, and potions. This puts the Exp boosting necklace better over the magic find +2% one, it’s better to be lvl 24 with exp boost and current lvl gear then lvl 22 and just a +2% bonus to finding magic equipment that’s of less quality. Rare items are much better than and magic one and can easily be obtained on Boss Raids so Magic Find bonus’s would be geared more towards making more gold.

The Archer is the best class due to her ability to shoot regular attacks through opponents and fight from a distance. This will let you hit many targets more regularly and charge your Rage faster. She is quick on her feet and can shoot fast then retreat. The Archers skills can deal big damage to groups and single foes alike.

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