Jun 222014

Dark Avenger Player Versus PvPDark Avenger Player Versus (PvP) is a place where you can fight players from around the world and test you skill. Currently the high score list seems to be riddle with hackers and folks playing with modded version. For example the top 3 people in the world ranking all have the name “Player” which is obviously not right as your not able to name your class something someone else already used. Though choosing the name “Player” might make it harder for the developers to track you down and block you.

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For the honest players the Archer seems to be the most used to achieve victory over others with the Templar.

Matches are 2 on 2 and you can create your own or join someone else. You can also set filter option to get a match more specific to your needs. In the filter options you can chose between 3 map and 3 game types Death Match, Warlord Battle, and Random.

One major set back is that Ultimate moves are not allowed leaving you with more basic skills that might not be that useful. Also, playing semi high to fully leveled characters can be extremely difficult due to them having maxed out equipment making it very difficult to get a kill unless you have gear with Legend rarity and lots of defense.

I personally feel that because they let hackers on the field PvP is pretty much dead. If you have any hopes of getting that awesome score that everyone in the world gets to look at you can forget about it. People that cheat rule the Player Versus arena. I thought the whole point of having a game that needs a steady internet connection was to keep the game clean. This is the second Android game Ive seen with this major flaw letting cheaters take over like Gamevil has abandoned it, next!

I just got done playing against 2 Templar’s that continued to use their spin skill over and over without any cooldown, not fun.


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