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Dark Avenger Sorceress Guide BuildThis Dark Avenger Sorceress Guide Build has information on various features of this class. The Sorceress is a long range class that does better to fight from afar and stay out of the middle of the battle. Attacks are stronger than the Archer but have less range in many cases. Your third consecutive attack will be a large ball of fire that will damage enemies in a small radius and is much less effective than the Archers due to lack of penetration. The Sorceress seems to be gear more towards fighting single enemies, but her AOE skills work very well for groups.

Progression through the game will definitely be slow when compared to the Archer who has many similar moves with deadly penetrating normal attack that lay waste to groups for no MP cost.

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Magic Arrow – This is your third consecutive which is a large fire ball that does area damage in a small radius. You will use this more than any other skill so max asap. Each upgrade increases attack power by 10%.

Shadow Explosion – This is very useful for evading the bad guys. You will always jump backwards a good distance leaving a shadow behind that explodes doing damage with knock back. Can leave at Lv 1 for cheaper casting though could down will be 3 seconds more than when fully upgraded.

Arcane Burst – This skill fires 3 magic bolts out in front of you pushing back enemies. The distance on this move is on the short side when compared to the Archer who has the same king of move only with about twice the distance.

Blizzard (Ultimate) -

Earth Spear -

Meteor (Ultimate) -

Frost Wall -

Mana Shield -

Force Shield -


Passive – These skills are the same for each class, but must be invested in separately and don’t stack between classes. They cost Gold until level 6 where you’ll have to start using gems to upgrade further, though strength gained can be significant more. It is recommended to buy all the upgrades that cost gold for everything as soon as possible. Some skills are the best place to spend gems as there permanent upgrades.

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