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Dark Avenger Templar Guide BuildThis Dark Avenger Templar Guide Build has general information of different skills and strategy for the Templar. This class dual wields blades and has a slightly smaller attack reach than the Berserker. He doesn’t have true dual weapons as you will find many swords, but can only equip 1 at a time that is magically split in 2 for both hands though it does seem to hit the enemy twice with one hit. With that said your really just using 1 weapon not 2.

Direction of attacking is not automatic and you must manually face the enemy unlike both ranged classes that have auto aim. The Templar is better played by experienced players who have already reached end game with an Archer. This way you have tons of extra gold to spend on shop gear that will help progression through the game tremendously.

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Combo Slash – This will be your most used attack and should be maxed out as soon as possible. The Templar’s normal attacks have a harder time stunning the enemy than the Berserker making it more likely you will receive damage while getting up close and personal.

Charge – This will sent you flying forward through enemies while doing damage at the same time. Because of the low damage this is more efficiently used for dodging and moving faster. As you upgrade you’ll be able to knock back bigger monsters.

Tornado – Spin in a circle causing damage to surrounding enemies. The upgrade level have unique stats, the cheapest cast cost is at the third tier while increasing to fourth tier increases damage slightly, but double MP cost.

Hack & Slash (Ultimate) -

Shuriken -

Blitz (Ultimate) -

Blazing Blades -

Wind Slasher -

Blades of Fate -


Passive – These skills are the same for each class, but must be invested in separately and don’t stack between classes. They cost Gold until level 6 where you’ll have to start using gems to upgrade further, though strength gained can be significant more. It is recommended to buy all the upgrades that cost gold for everything as soon as possible. Some skills are the best place to spend gems as there permanent upgrades.

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