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Farm Heroes Saga BeansFarm Heroes Saga Beans are gained after each stage depending on how many stars you get. You will get 75 for 1 star, 150 for 2, and 250 for 3. They can also be purchased with gold bars which must be purchased with real money. Since there so difficult to get a hold of it’s a good idea to hold on to them as long as possible. The arrangement of cropsies will change each time you re-enter a particular stage which can make it easy or hard. Since beans are so rare you might want to try the particular challenge a few time before resorting to hard to come by currency.

The only things that I have found so far to purchase with Beans is the Shovel Booster and only from the world map selection screen. If you try to purchased it during a mission you will have to pay with gold instead. The other booster both in stage and on the world map cost gold only.

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Shovel Booster

Seems like a not so useful buff, but when it’s the only thing that beans can be spent on it can be very useful and the difference between winning and loosing on tough stages. To use the shovel simple tap it during a stage then select the cropsies to remove it.

You can also crack eggs, grow flowers 1 step, and fill buckets too. The thing to remember when removing pieces is that everything is going to fall down so keep that in mind if your trying to get some killer combos. Is very useful for taking care of those pesky flowers and buckets when they get stuck in difficult to deal with locations.

Takes about 6 hours to recharge on it’s own so you can use it for free or you can choose to pay 250 beans for 1 shovel before entering an area and not while your already playing.

With the massive load of content your going to be spending a lot of time playing this app. It’s like it goes on forever. Making good decisions early will probably help you out big time later when things get really tough.

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