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Farm Heroes Saga CheatsFarm Heroes Saga Cheats are pretty hard to come by and now that the game has eliminated the life restriction for offline Android users there isn’t much use for the old work around.

Besides the little bit of information below I’m surprised there isn’t other cheats out there. Most of the search results on the subject are spam or way off topic. Below is probably some of the best advice your going to get when it comes to not playing Farm Heroes Saga by the rules.

Visit the Farm Heroes Saga Guide Wiki for more info

Farm Heroes Saga Old Cheats

In the past people would have to set the clock ahead on their device to trick the game into thinking you have waited the required amount of time to regenerate health. This definitely got tiresome after awhile because of the 600 levels you would potentially have to do it for. Plus, the clock and date on your device was always messed up so there was kind of 2 edges to the sword.

Now, at least for me on my Android tablet, there is no recovery time when you’re offline. When you use up your last life they fill right back up again. This isnt true for all of Kings titles as I’m currently playing Bubble Witch 2 and I either have to adjust the time like above, harass friends online, or wait a massive 30 minutes for every heat to regenerate.

Good Tips

If you have a large amount of a certain items to collect it’s best to focus on it and the other items should come along with secondary combos. Of course you should always keep your eye out for those 5 in a row combos to remove all of one type of something on the board.

Eggs can be tough to deal with, it can help to crack them when you get the chance and then focus on other goals. Eventually they will build up for some easy matches. When you make a match of more than 3 it will always be 3. So big 5 long matches should be avoided and broken down into groups of 3′s.

Ice seems to be a pain in the butt no matter what you do so always be vigilant and get those matches to break the ice.

Don’t forget about your boosters, they can make something hard become very easy. It’s best to save them for when you really need them.

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