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Global Defense Zombie War Guide WikiThis Global Defense: Zombie War Guide Wiki will cover various features of the game. Global Defense: Zombie War is a strategy tower defense game where you fight off waves of zombies, planes, and helicopters using different weapons. There is also a number of upgrades you can do to both units and passive effect giving it depth and options making long term play very comfortable. Developed by Cat Studio HK this 100 level tower defense app with 3 difficulties and an endless mode can be extremely difficult if your not sure what to invest in.

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15 Distance upgrade = 1/4 square range increase on the battle field.

Keep turrets away from the side of enemy paths to protect them from exploding zombies. Later on not matter your defense it will only take 1 explosion from a monster or plane to take out you units.

You can tap on larger enemies and flying units to have all you turrets in range target them. They will get red arrows around them indicating they are being targeted.

If enemy drops get stuck behind buttons you can minimize all on screen button by tapping the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Best Weapons – The Tesla is by far the strongest turret in your arsenal and should be upgraded to max as soon as possible. This will let you pass through the early levels much faster. It can attack both ground and air units so it’s great for all situations. Increasing your starting money so you can place a Tesla at the beginning of battle will guarantee a smooth start. Soon after your going to want to spread a couple out so they can take down any flying enemies that fly in from all directions.

Next the Freeze and Shockwave turret go hand in hand when it comes to slowing down the enemy. Using them both so they are constantly slowing zombies is a must and will be the difference between winning and loosing later on. These 3 turrets should be the first you max out in order to have the easiest possible progression later on.

Farming – The absolute first thing you should invest in and try to max out is the passive ability for increasing points after a fight. You will need a ton of points to upgrade weapons and skills in order to complete Hell on the last level and getting this out of the way early will save you lots of time. The absolute best place to earn points is level 3 Saudi Arabia on Hell. You will get just over 3200 pts per match and can earn over 100,000 in an hour. If you consistently play level 3 on hard it will always take 10 matches to upgrade your pts output. With a max level of 30 it should take around 300 plays to fill the skill fully.

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