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Global Defense Zombie War ReviewThis Global Defense: Zombie War Review goes over some of the basics without giving away to much, but enough to get you on the right track. Global Defense: Zombie War is a strategy tower defense app that was developed by Cat Studio HK and is available for Android and iOS for free. The best features about this game is that you can play it fully offline and unlock everything without have to spend real money.

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This is your basic tower defense game where you upgrade 12 different units strength and range with credits earned form mission to progress further until you beat the last level which there are 100 of. Every area can be played on 3 difficulties Casual, Normal, and Hell. You can also play each mission in an Endless mode where the zombies will keep coming and getting stronger with each wave until the eventually over come you. There are 6 passive stats that you can increase like starting missions with more money, better turret defense, and auto repair. You can also unlock 27 medal achievements that reward you with currency for upgrading units when completed.

For enemies you’ll be dealing with zombies of all types including ones that are high in defense, fast, ones that explode, and flying objects like plane and helicopters. The higher the stage the more enemies you’ll face from different directions.

My 2 biggest problems with this game is there are never any boss fight and the missions are spread out in a matter where you’ll have a hard time finding a specific one again because there randomly all over the world map. Otherwise this is a great time killer and can be vary challenging if you in vest in the wrong things at the wrong time.

Here are a few tips so you don’t spend way more time than you need to in order to complete the game.

1. Level 3 Saudi Arabia on Hell difficulty is the best place to farm for points. No matter what you invest in you will not be able to simply complete levels and move forward without have to replay areas in order to upgrade turrets and stat enough to proceed. This goes hand in hand with upgrading your pts skill so that you can receive more after every battle. Maxing it out quickly will shave massive loads of gameplay time off in the long run.

2. The first 2 turrets Gatling and Missile will become useless very early so you should focus on the big hitters as soon as possible.

3. The Tesla is by far the best weapon and should be unlocked very early for easier progression.

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