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Horde of Heroes DownloadBelow are the official Horde of Heroes Download links to Google Play and iTunes where you can always find the most updated versions. Horde of Heroes is a puzzle game with many RPG elements including a leveling system, weapons, armor, special moves, and over 200 stage each with 3 star ratings and various challenges. The best part is though you can pay for certain in game currencies and bonuses you can also earn gems and keys while playing which let’s you unlock most things without paying real cash.

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Team up with friend online to defeat tough enemies or go at it solo without an internet connection. Unlike many other apps hearts are only used up when you loose a match and aren’t spent to actually play it letting you replay past missions for free. If you want more hearts you can ask friends on Facebook, purchase with in game currency, raise the max limit, or use real money.

Horde of Heroes Download

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This game should keep you busy for awhile though the heart limit will force you to stop playing often. This is a feature they have implemented to take advantage of that gamer feeling where you don’t want to stop because your having too much fun. The devs thought this would be great for making money as they hope you’ll throw some at it. In my personal opinion this take away the fun and will probably be the main reason you eventually uninstall this thing before completing it. Beside missions becoming massively difficult later on the heart cost to play will be so much that after 1 or 2 attempts on a many late in the game stage your going to have to wait hours to recharge you play currency.

It’s a little on the sad side to see something that has so much potential to be great get held back by greed. I guess their trying to follow suit of other titles that have the same set up hoping to be just as successful. I feel the most downloaded games are one that aren’t just free to play but free of the many restriction that hold a gamer back.

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