Jul 242014

Horde of Heroes GameplayBelow are Horde of Heroes Gameplay YouTube videos showing a few different types of missions you’ll come across while playing. Some things that stand out in this app would be the load of different weapons and armor you find in missions. They aren’t random drops, you’ll get to collect item that are found randomly while playing. You can see how many things you still need to find in a particular area by looking a the counter on the world map.

There are over 200 stages with more than 10 different goals and ways to win. After leveling up a good bit you can replay old stages with ease because of your increased strength making cleanup fun and relaxing. Moving ahead on the other hand can be slightly on the difficult side especially if you build your character wrong by investing in the wrong stats when you level up.

You will see many familiar feature from other titles implemented in this app from puzzles to rpg elements including weapons and armor which add lots of depth and things to do. The heart system on the other hand is sad feature that will hold you back in attempt to get you to throw some cash at this bad boy. Limiting the time a gamer is allowed to play any title is a bad idea and will probably be the main reason you end up uninstalling this thing in the end.

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