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If your wondering how to play Stick Death you came to the right place. The object of the game is to kill everyone in the area without letting the other notice or get away. To do this you have to tap different objects in the environment which will in turn start a chain reaction where you will have  a small window of opportunity to kill fleeing and carious stick people.

Anything can be use as a weapons so try to be aware of your surrounding. Look up, down, left, and right cause sometimes that thing your looking for is right in front of you. Below is some help without giving away to much or you can check the link above for a complete walkthrough.

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Tactics and Strategy

If your not sure you can rapid tap everything on the screen and see what reacts.

Sometimes someone must be standing next to an object before you can trigger it. This makes it look like that person did the deed.

You might need to trigger an object at just the right time to trip or remove someone. The wrong timing can result in failure.

When you murder someone they will often change something which should be used to take out the next guy or someone later on.

There are only 7 stages which take about 20 seconds each to complete. If you use the walkthough above this game will be over in a couple minutes. So it might be funner to try and figure things out on your own.

How To Play Stick Death

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