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Monster Legends Combat GuideWelcome to the Monster Legends Combat Guide! Below are notes that I have been taking as I go along which may help you out during gameplay. For the most part you will never be able to have all elements in 1 party, so spending time building more than 3 members is a must.


Monsters have 5 basic stats which are Power , Speed (when you move in battle), Life (HP), Stamina, and Revenue (rate of gold earned in habitat) that vary in strength from Low, Medium, to High. Each can have a maximum of 2 elemental properties that can be Thunder, Water, Fire, Nature, Magic, Light, Dark, and/or Earth. Also, everyone will have a unique special ability. They come in 5 rarities Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

You only really need to have 1 of each for breeding purposes. Here is a list of all Monsters with almost everything you need to know about them.

Each can only have 4 regular skills. Some have a 4th tier (unlocked at lv10) that’s for support, to maximize damage output a elemental attack is better. Having a big hitter in every elemental category can help you progress much faster.

To make advancement on the Adventures Map as easy as possible it’s best to have up to 3 different hatchlings that have the same element attack type. This way you can expose weaknesses of all enemies if it just happens to be the same for all or most.

If you not sure what attack to use for the most damage you can select your move, then hover your mouse over the enemies and it will say weak, normal, or strong. Weak mean you want do that much damage and Strong means your attack is gonna hurt and cause a critical hit.

Feeding in a habitat has the same effect as gaining experience from a fight.


Each hatching will have a very unique bonus like resisting something or have 20% bonus health.

Epic & Legendary

You can get you first epic by beating stage 10 on the Adventurers Map.


Having a group of hybrids will give you more options when looking for a bad guys weakness.

Adventurer Map

You must have available stamina in or to battle which will recover over time.

You will need to get at least 2 stars to earn a random (doesn’t feel like it) prize at the end of a fight. To get 3 stars you will need to kill almost everything in one hit. You can always replay a stage later to get the highest score.

(Tip: If your finding it difficult to progress it’s probably a good time to replay old stages 3 stars and roulette. This will kill 2 birds with one stone as your both cleaning up and strengthening your arsenal.)


The list at the top will show you who will attack in the next 5 turns.

Death – If any of your monsters run out of HP during a fight they will be unavailable for the rest of the battle and do not gain any experience if you win. If you are completely defeated you will only loose the stamina you spent and can retry immediately.

Special Attack – Appears randomly with a 5% chance in Adventure and 10% in the Arena. To use this select the button when it’s available, then click on a party member or enemy.

Building Placement

Filling as much space as possible with useful buildings is very important. Placing decorations will waste need land for important developments. Putting buildings that are the same size next to each other can help organize things when trying to fill every bit of land.

Easy Money

The Arena will get you some big cash quick easily winning 600k+ gold. Just keep paying the fee to re-roll who you fight until your satisfied with the winning amount and range of difficulty. The only downside is it can take an hour or more to recharge your arena stamina.

You’ll get tons of gold from habitats with legendary giving you the most late game. Early on, Nature will hold a considerably larger amount than the others so you should try to fill the extra space with them for extra profit.

Easy Experience

Replaying the furthest Adventurers Map stage where you can always win and keep everyone alive will get you good exp.

Build farms, then keep those things busy. You’ll need to upgrade your Hatchery with gems to have more than 2 farms at a time.


One of the best thing you can do is save your gems as much as possible and then only try to by sale items. There are lots of buildings you will need to advance further in the game that cost gems. Worker will always have a 50% off sale so wait for it, when it’s available you will only have 15 minutes to purchase it. If you miss the sale it should reappear in a day or 2 when you select something that needs a workers and your out of helpers. This will save you in the long run.


Things can stop working or start to act weird, usually restarting the game can fix these things.


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