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Planet of Cubes Free DownloadBelow are links to a Planet of Cubes Free Download from the official file locations at Google Play and iTunes. These links will always take you to the most up to date version of the game. Planet of Cubes is a free to play MMO block building game that resembles Minecraft in a lot of ways. Explore a massive world map where you and everyone else in the world can build almost anything your heart desires.

This game is still in it’s early stages with many things planned in it’s next update. If you like this app and want to play offline you can play their other title called WorldCraft 2 which also has an online social building function only with much smaller spaces to build in, the single player offline mode has infinite distance maps though. In World Craft there is also a survival mode where you start with nothing but the clothes on your back and have to mine and harvest material so you can produce armor, weapons, shelter, and better tools to make every work better and faster.

Another tile that has a very unique approach to block building would be BlockHeads. You can operate different characters at once to have one making thing back at home while the others are out adventuring miles away. Some new features unseen in games like these would be solar powered furnace so you don need a fuel source like coal and teleporters so you can travel massive distances in a flash. There are also a ton of different ores and gems to find and use for various products that will keep you busy for hours.  You don’t actually move freely like this app but can select multiple actions that your character will carry out will you give orders to someone else. This is a fun feature as it let’s you do some serious multitasking.

Find more info by visiting the Planet of Cubes Guide Wiki

Planet of Cubes Free Download

Planet of Cubes Castle

Planet of Cubes Volcano

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