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Planet of Cubes GameplayPlanet of Cubes Gameplay videos are below with some basic footage of the game. It’s kind of hard to find people and I’m not sure where the local hangout is, but I sure did find a lot of stuff left behind. I went all over the place and couldn’t find 1 area that was untouched. People from around the world have literally built something every where from big structures to random crap.

When you look at the wonderful screenshots on Google Play showing big pirate ships and large mansions yo wonder if those things even exists any more. Since you can edit anything I’m positive some wise guys vandalized then completely so now they are unrecognizable. This whole one world thing looks to have gotten old quick and they should probably have multiple maps since this one seems to be full.

It may be very hard to located some empty space to start making you creations since the whole world map seems to be full. Though there is lots of space to build in the skies the ground and underwater ares are almost completely blanketed with fun creation or loads of garbage random block placement. Hopefully in the future they will they will open up a few new ares for people to claim there land and build on some fresh new terrain. you can always deleted things that other folks have made to make room for your building projects, but it can be very time consuming deleting other peoples block. This was probably done on purpose to help prevent others from destroying large areas of map quickly which could put a damper on peoples spirits.

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Planet of Cubes Gameplay

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