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Planet of Cubes Guide WikiThis is a Planet of Cubes Guide Wiki containing all kinds of good information about the game. Planet of Cubes was developed by Plabs and is a MMO online only game that is almost identical to Minecraft with the only difference being different graphics and a very large editable map that every one can change.

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For only being out for a little bit this app has acquired a lot of downloads. With the ability to chat with others you can make friends from around the world. With an unlimited supply of blocks and a massive map to build on you imagination can run wild. Fly to your next location or teleport saving tons of travel time.

Check back in the very near future as this guide wiki will be updated with info regularly. If you interested in playing there offline version you can check out WorldCraft 2 which is pretty much the same only you can play without an internet connection, but the online map is very small. It does have a survival mode that lets you mine and find different resource so you can build equipment for more protection, better shelter, and tools that get the job done more efficiently. There are also enemies yo have to worry about that come out when it’s dark and appear in under ground areas that don’t have light.

Another great app with very similar features would be BlockHeads which will lets you use multiple characters at once so you can have one stay at home to cook and produce goods while the other are out adventuring far away. The, to save time you can build a teleporter to travel long distances in a very short amount of time. This comes in handy when you have traveled super far from home as the maps go on forever. The most notable difference would be that the world is 2D like Terraria and not 3D though it’s still loads of fun.

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