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Planet of Cubes Tips Tricks HintsBelow are some Planet of Cubes Tips, Tricks, and Hints to help set you in the right direction.

Avoid Ads – This app seems to be hard wired for ads as they not only do they take up the whole screen they make you watch them for a very unreasonable amount of time before your allowed to skip it. Since you are pretty much forced to watch the thing the only way to speed things up is to hit the Home key on your device, then re-enter Planet of Cubes. This will make the ad not respond and let you pass right by it with having to suffer too much.

Finding Empty Space – First and foremost your going to want to have your distance set as high as possible to get the best view possible. It can be very hard to find a place to build your creation especially in well populated areas. The trick is to go way of course on the map and choose a location that looks like it’s in the middle of no place. These spots can often have plenty of room available to build though they can also be loaded with other peoples stuff.

Your next option is to go up as high as you can and build something in the sky. To do this your probably going to have to make you own ground level by making a flat layer of blocks. Now you can go to town with your desires. Alternatively, you can go under water to make things though your movement speed is painfully slow.

Another trick is to remove other things that have been built already, it’s probably a good idea to erase bad stuff and leave something if it looks like someone spent a lot of time on it. Removing blocks can be a slow process and is probably like this to help stop others from destroying everything. Here’s some Planet of Cubes Gameplay if your interested.

Locating Others – Planet of cubes is a pretty large place and finding someone online can be a difficult task if your not sure what to do. A tip is to use you map to travel to someone exact location. This can be done on the world map where you can also check you specific location.

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