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Quadropus Rampage ArtifactsQuadropus Rampage Artifacts are found randomly in the Abyssal Depths and are also purchasable with orbs from Grubby who also appears randomly. The more orbs you have the more an artifact will cost. When your getting close to finding new ones it will say “You fell like you’re going to find this Artifact soon.” in the Library. Traveling deeper and unlocking Artifacts will bring you closer to finding ones that are undiscovered. There are 39 total and this list is incomplete, but should be finished very soon.

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Quadropus Rampage Artifacts

8 Ball8-Ball – XP orbs give you more XP!

“Will I die slightly later the lasttime? Not guaranteed.”

Aegis of the DeepAegis of the Deep – Become invincible for 3 seconds when starting a new depth.

“The great Quadropus emperor carried this shield as protection against would-be assassins. He was undone by a would-not-be assassin, representing the sort of oversight that characterized his administration.”

Bingos BallBingo’s Ball – Use the ball to hit enemies in the face!

“Bingo was not the runt of the litter. Bingo ate all of his siblings before they hatched. Every toy Tack has bought for him has been completely destroyed. Every toy but this one.”

CinderblockCinderblock – Falling to a new depth causes a massive explosion.

“Set it and forget it! The first ‘It’ being the rope you tied around your hips and the second being the likelihood of you living for much longer!”

Forn OrbForn Orb – Bingo shoots lasers while attacking.

“This magical relic fell into the ocean many ages ago. The word ‘Forn’ is etched on the side.”

Golden BucklerGolden Buckler – Increases your base toughness by 5%.

“This buckler was wielded by a legendary jousting squid named Larry, who met his untimely end when he forgot to properly secure his seahorse’s saddle. The defense he wielded in life goes on to protect others.”

Heartfish FoodHeartfish Food – More Heartfish, fewer problems.

“There’s nothing that attracts heartfish more than the smell of freshly farmed moss.”

NailNail – Hammerheads take 20% more damage from your attacks.

“When holding a nail every hammer shaped entity looks like it needs to die.”

Red FlagRed Flag – Your better at finding depth charges.

“Legend holds that ancient bipedal ape people put explosives underwater and then other people placed red flags atop them. Some future ape people turned this previously dangerous affair into a game.”

RegulatorRegulator – Your smash attack instantly refreshes when you level up.

“Harder Better Fast — Holburrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhurrrrrrrrrrrrrr — Ter Stronger”

Shattered MonocleShattered Monocle – Reduces the cooldown of your smash attack by 5 seconds.

“Inscribed on the thin silver band are the words ‘To Hardik, my friend and savior.’ Though the monocle is shattered beyond repair it gives off an immense amount of energy.”

Spiked CollarSpiked Collar – Bingo will attack enemies more frequently.

“Tack trained Bingo at the Abyssal Shelf School of Starfish Combat. Upon Bingo’s graduation, Tack gifted him a spiked collar, a signal to all that Bingo would eat their faces if given the opportunity.”

Super RodSuper Rod – Angler fish take 20% more damage from your attacks.

“Crafted in a deep sea vent by the great Crabby McBigclaw, thought to be lost to history, the super rod turned the tide of Battle In The Anglo-Crustaced Conflict of 1332.”

Urchin SpinesUrchin Spines – Urchines no longer damage you, but damage enemies instead.

“The Scuttler tribes of the Westerly Sand Plains would cover their bodies in the spines of urchins. A pageant was held every Tidal Solstice where wreathes of spines were all that warriors wore… That is until Tim The Spineless outlawed them in favor of classier events.”

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