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Quadropus Rampage Guide WikiA Quadropus Rampage Guide Wiki with information on different aspects of the game. Quadropus Rampage was developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is freemium so you can unlock every thing without spending real money, though it’s gonna take some grinding. This Quadropus Rampage Guide Wiki is updated daily.

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Quadropus Rampage Upgrades


Quadropus Rampage Masteries


Quadropus Rampage Artifacts

Tips, Tricks, & Hints

Buying Masteries – The cost for unlocking Masteries with Doubloons is reduced based on how much you have left to complete the Mastery.

Direction Arrows – There are arrows that will appear around you pointing to enemies (red) and the exit (green) once you’ve defeated everything.

Doubloons – Can be found for free in the following locations: 1 randomly from level complete chests, black chests, enemy drops, small fleeing pink shells, and from Grubby for orbs. You get 50 for defeating Pete and can get 20+ buy completing free offers in the shop area.

Jumping Out of Holes – If you fall in a hole you can use your Smash attack to jump back out before you fall to the next depth.

Saving Your Game – You can save your game to play later by going to the Menu and selecting Main. You can see what level your on and to continue just tap the Play button.

Surviving and Killing Fast – Making sure you Bubble is fully charged before going deeper will help you clean out the first enemies safely. Using your Smash skill will speed up the process.

Switching Pets – You can switch your pets at anytime by pausing the game , going to the main menu, choosing desired pet, then continuing with the play button.

Turn off Ads for Free – You can turn ads off for free by playing offline.

Upgrade on the Go – You can upgrade skills while in battle by selecting Menu, then Character, then Upgrades.

Game Credits

Dear Player,

From the bottom of our pendulous tentacles, we want to thank you for checking out our game, as we put seventeen gallons of blood into this thing to make it happen. Also, we cried into it. A lot.

We also want to thank Joe Fraioli for his fantastic music, Eric Hibbeler for his awesome box art skills, our hordes of caffeine-chugging insomniac tester volunteers, and the St. Louis game development community for having our backs.

It’s been quite a ride so far. Good luck, and have fun.

Seth and Sam Coster
The Butterscotch Brothers


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