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Quadropus Rampage MasteriesQuadropus Rampage Masteries are unlocked by completing certain requirements listed below. If your planning on spending Doubloons to unlock them then you should know that the price will decrease based on how much of the mastery you have completed. This post is constantly being updated with tips and which options are best so check back in the near future.

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Quadropus Rampage Masteries

Powerful – Level up 25 times.

Explosive – You cause a massive explosion upon leveling up.

Rejuvination – You heal to full health upon leveling up. Can help you go deeper and very useful for recovering from major damage.

Veteran – Dive down past 500 meters.

Born Again – You regenerate 10% of your health each time you complete a depth. Increase surivablity with cansistant health regen.

Fight of Flight – You gain a 20% speed and damage boost if you are below 20% health. I would recommend fighting very carefully when your health is below 20%.

Elite – Dive down past 1000 meters.

Tenticular – Your damage is increased by 25% or your toughness. Toughness doesn’t increase by much by around the 3000th depth (maybe 200, 400, 600+) while weapons will have 2 million+ damage. The gain probably wont be enough to beat raising your toughness by %5. At depth 3000 your gonna need some good protection cause monsters hit hard.

Turtle Up – Increases your base toughness by 5%. A must have for protection and deep diving.

Babysitter – Find 25 quadropud clusters.

Moar Babies! – You have a much higher chance of finding quadropud clusters.

My Babies! – Baby quadropud bonuses last 100% longer.

Unbalanced – Fall off of ledges 25 times.

Panic Mode – Your Dodge is faster while over open water. Travel faster in the outside areas of the current depth.

Adrenaline – Become invincible for 3 seconds after falling to a new depth. Can be used for longer invincibility with the Bubble during the first moments.

Economist – Acquire a lifetime total of 10,000 orbs.

Bone Dust – Special enemies drop triple orbs instead of double. Can increase gain in green paths and 1000+ depths where there’s always massive enemies.

The One Percent – When picking up orbs you have a 20% chance to gain double. Much better value than above as it’s pretty much 20% more orbs.

Explorer – Equip 20 unique artifacts.

Good Deal – Grubby gives you a 20% discount on artifacts. More useful if you have a lot of orbs to spend. Can play and important role in making sure you get those missing artifacts.

Excavation – You have a higher chance to find artifacts. Free is good is your really not planning on spending orbs at Grubby for artifacts.

Nimble – Dodge 1,000 times.

Can’t Touch This – You take 30% less damage for 1 second after dodging. Can help out tremendously if your always dodging on accident.

Inksplosion – Cause an explosion when you initiate a dodge, dealing 75% of your attack damage. If your close enough to hurt with and dodge you mise well just punch them in the face. Can help to some clean up on the retreat and break surrounding coral for a little extra orb.

Calloused – Receive 50,000 damage.

Thorns – When injured you deal damage back to enemies. You wanna try and avoid damage.

Thick Handles – You gain bonus maximum health equal to 50% of your toughness. A must for the deep diver.

Knocker – Knock 250 enemies off of ledges.

Back Off – Your spin attack now throws enemies a short distance.

Escape Velocity – Increases the knockback of your smash attack by 40%.

Quick – Make 1000 attacks within 1 sec of dodging.

Flurry – You gain a 15% damage bonus for one second after dodging.

Backstab – Deal 20% bonus damage when stabbing from behind.

Brute – Deal 50,000 damage with a single strike.

Crit Bomber – Your critical hits sometimes cause explosions, dealing 20% attack damage.

The Big One – You will now occasionally find extra large weapons.

Spinner – Defeat 500 enemies with spin attacks.

Fatty Spin – Your weapon becomes 40% larger while spin attacking.

Quick Charge – The charge time of your spin attack is reduced by 40%.

Bubbly – Use your bubble 300 times.

Symbiosis – Heartfish heal you for 30% more when you are bubbled.

Longbubble – Your bubble lasts for an additional second.

Blocker – Block 1,000 attacks with your bubble.

Healybub – Heal 2% of your health each time you block an attack.

Pop – Your bubble explodes for 75% damage when it expires.

Tenderizer – Kill 2,500 enemies with smash attack.

Heavy Smash – Increases your smash damage by 30%.

This-Is-Quadropus! – Knocking an enemy off a ledge has a 50% chance to refresh your smash.

Brawler – Receive 20,000 damage while rampaging.

Pain Tolerance – You take 20% reduced damage while rampaging.

I’m Always Angry – You generate rage from taking damage.

Demolitionist – Kill 500 enemies with depth charges.

Impact – Depth charges deal double damage.

Blast Point – Depth charges launch enemies much farther.

Bingo – Have Bingo defeat 200 enemies.

Fetch – Bingo’s attacks will sometime restore health to you.

Bingo Brawl – Bingo deals 20% more damage to enemies.

Hulk – Rampage for 10 minutes.

Blood in the Water – Your attacks have a 5% chance to steal health while rampaging.

Supple Crits – You generate 25% additional rage when landing a critical strike.

Destroyer – Smash attack 1000 enemies.

Holy Crit – Your smash gains 30% extra chance to critically hit.

Under Pressure – Your smash cooldown is refreshed each time you begin a new depth.

Resourceful - Damage 100 enemies with depth charges.

Minefest – You may now find up to two depth charges at a time.

Warhead – Depth charges have a much larger explosion radius. I think bigger is better to

Godlike – Defeat Pete. Once you do he will never reappear, because he’s dead. I told him once, put the sushi down.

Hardik’s Blessing – Increases your run speed by 10% and toughness by 5%.

Triumphant – Increases your HP by 10% and bubble duration by 1 second.

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