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PetsThere are 6 Quadropus Rampage Pets including your main pet Bingo who is always active. Besides Bingo, your gonna have to purchase the the other 5 Pets with orbs or Doubloons. You can have a total of 3 pets active at once including 2 paid and Bingo. This is a list of all Quadropus Rampage Pets including information, pictures, videos, and tips.

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BingoBingo – Your faithful companion who lives to pown. You start with this guy and he will always be with you. You can increase his strength with Masteries and Artifacts.

Cost: Free





BukkitBukkit – Throws explosive buckets at enemies continuously that have knock back. Bucket must hit solid ground to detonate. Can help speed up Knocker Mastery. Has a massive downfall where some enemies will fly right into you from the blast causing you damage randomly. Will basically kill you faster. A complete waste and should be the last thing unlocked.

Cost: 45,000 Orbs or 150 Doubloons


CYCY – Will heal you when you take damage from enemies. Heals once each 5  second damage interval, if you get hurt from one enemies he heals you once slightly, if you get hit by five enemies at once he will heel you once slightly. An absolute must have and can be the difference between making it to the 1200th depth and the 10,000th. To make best use of try and avoid damage for 5 seconds after being healed.

Cost: 30,000 Orbs or 100 Doubloons


NATNat – Intercepts round blue/green Eel projectiles and cleans up Nudibrach puddles. Increases survivability by removing enemy fire. Has very wide radius of use and does a great job of removing projectiles and puddles continuously without pause.

Cost: 60,000 Orbs or 200 Doubloons




SAWWSaww – Damages enemies when you dodge. Does not damage when you are not dodging. Has a hard time targeting enemies as it’s course is more on a track. Better for hurting large groups, but kind of randomly.

Cost: 60,000 Orbs or 200 Doubloons




SmilesSmiles – Continuously attacks enemies that get to close to you with powerful melee attacks. Can attacks multiple enemies in the same tile area. Best for big consistent targeted damage and great for taking down Pete.

Cost: 30,000 Orbs or 100 Doubloons




My personal favorite pet combo would be CY for consistent healing and Smiles for his awesome heat seeking kill power. They both just happen to be the cheapest too! Feel free to share your favorite team in the comments.

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