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SOL Stone of Life EX ArenaThe S.O.L Stone of Life EX Arena is the easiest place in the game to find legend and set items, goddess tears, enchanting stones, upgrades stones, resurrection stones, boxes of another worlds, blades, and other rare items. It’s also one of the few places to find level 100+ Set Items besides purchasing them at the gem shop. After each round you get to choose one of four chest that contain one of the items listed above. All enemies are from the game and you don’t get to play other real human players.

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Free – There is usually a free Arena available every day. Tickets seem to be one of the rarest items to drop from bosses, regular monsters, and breakables so playing when their free will save you a lot of gems or real money.

Elements – Some enemies will always have a random element type while some will always have the same element type.

Traps – During each fight traps will appear on the field and do damage to both you and your enemy. They are the same each time so they can be avoided easily.

Exploit: To break your opponents shield that nulls magic damage and kill them fast, first cast a spell, then immediately rapid tap the attack button. Your physical attack should hit first reducing their shield to nothing letting your magic attack cause damage.

Colosseum of General Carius

Colosseum of General Carius2

R1 -

R2 -

Tomb of Liars

Tomb of Liars

R1 – Lv 50 Cursed Knight

R2 – Lv 65 Wyvern of Glacier and Lv 65 Wyvern of Flame

R3 – Lv 80 Demon of Darkness

R4 – Lv 95 Cursed Knight and Lv 95 Cursed Skeleton

R5 – Lv 105 Contaminated General Felix, after about 50% HP loss changes to Lv 105 Revived General Felix

Sets – Lv 105 General Felix

Underground Prison of Halten

Underground Prison of Halten


Slaughter House

Slaughter House

R1 – 2 Lv 40 Slaves of Slaughter, then 2 Lv 100 Warriors of Slaughter

R2 – 2 Lv 80 Zealot of Slaughter, then Lv 100 Bloody Berserk and Lv 100 Bloody Bishop

R3 – Lv 120 Bloody Magician and Lv 120 Bloddy Knight, then Lv 140 Bloody Shaman and Lv 140 Bloody General

R4 – Lv 160 Demoniac Magician and Lv 160 Demoniac Slaughterer, then Lv 180 Demoniac Shaman and Lv 180 Demoniac General

R5 – Lv 195 Ruler of Slaughter

Sets – Lv 60 Butcher, Lv 140 Grim Reaper, Lv 180 Slaughter

Fighting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Fighting is such Sweet Sorrow


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    men i need a guide to knight i lv 20 to build , thnx


    How do I damage lv 50 cursed knight with mage? All magic are blocked. Tried to shoot stone & tap on attack still can’t damage much as magic’s still blocked

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