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Stone-of-Life-Berserker-BuildThis S.O.L Stone of Life EX Berserker Guide/Build will go over what’s good and what to avoid. This class uses two-handed weapons to take on multiple enemies at once. You can reset your skills and training at any time by visiting Graystone and Old Town so don’t worry if you invest in the wrong thing. The Dual Blade not only has the fastest normal attacks, it also the most attack power because of dual wielding.

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Berserker Guide/Build

Action Style

These will change your normal attack action. Once unlocked you can change between each freely.

Berserker – A basic Action Style of Berserker.
Crasher (Req *23 & LV25) – Slow but powerful attack that delivers huge knock back and big damage to foes in front of you.
Gladiator (Req *90 & LV70) – Use Two Handed weapons quick like daggers.
War Master (Req *150 & LV150) – Use in crowns to destroy bad guys with strong downward blows.

* = Numbers of stars you need from dungeons. You can check how many you have on the first tab in the main menu.

Power Attack

Your power attack charges up over time and you can see the meter at the bottom of the screen filling up. These are associated directly with your Action Style’s so to unlock new ones you’ll have to increase your level and get stars in dungeons.

Step 1 – Shoot strong explosion in 8 directions.

Step 2 – Attack 3 times with whirl wind action.

Step 3 – Explodes 3 times hurting surrounding opponents and has knock back.

Step 4 – Quick sword dancing style that damages surrounding foes.

Training Skills

All are passive. The first 2 tabs vary between classes while the resistance and power attack tabs are the same for all. Located in the statues area on the S.Skill tab. Use Style points from leveling up (2 per level) to increase strength.

2H Weapons 2H Weapon 2%-20% Raises strength when using two-handed weapons.
Greatsword Greatsword 3%-30% Damage up when using two-handed swords.
Warhammer Warhammer 3%-30% Damage up when using war hammers.
Battle Axe Battle Axe 3%-30% Damage up when using battle axes.
Blow of LIfe Blow of Life 2%-20% Achieve a multi-kill to replenish 30% of HP at certain rate.


Spirit Time Spirit Time 3%-30% Max MP up.
Life Time Life Time 6%-60% Max HP up.
Power Potion Power Potion 3%-30% Increases strength of potions.
Finish Blow Finish Blow 10%-100% Increase critical damage.


Water-Resist-Training Water Resist 8%-80% Defend better against water.
Fire-Resist-Training Fire Resist 8%-80% Defend better against fire.
Earth-Resist-Training Earth Resist 8%-80% Defend better against earth.
Wind-Resist-Training Wind Resist 8%-80% Defend better against wind.

Power-Attack-Training Power Attack 3%-30% Raises strength of Power Attack.
Fast-Power-Attack Fast Power Attack 5%-50% Increase the fill rate of Power Attack Gauge.


Same for all classes except for S.Skills. These are what you’ll use most to attack monsters and are available for every class except S.Skills which are unique. Use skill points from leveling up (1 gained per level) to increase and cost 1 point each for every level with the max being 10. If your patient you can find all of these as drops without having to pay 7,500-30,000g for them in towns. Visit Roger in Graystone and pay 50,000g to reset and reallocate.

* Buy in Herbhill
** Buy in Graystone
*** Buy in Old Town

Destruction Magic

Fire-Bolt Fire Bolt 7,500g* 15/51%-42/150% Fires 3 flaming fire bolts and delivers fire elemental damage to enemies. Good for large groups as it will pass through them, but will usually only hit the enemies once so Ice Bolt is better for 1 on 1.
Inferno Inferno S.AOE 10,000g* 15/39%-42/120% Shoots a fire beam that will hurt enemies and consume MP every second while held down.
Meteor Meteor M.AOE 30,000g** 50/105%-95/330% Drops a meteor from the sky that damages with fire in an area. Cast right away when Blizzard, Land Collapse, and Thunder Bolt require charge time. No cast distance limit so you can blast enemies from across the screen and they wont attack you.
Flame-Nova Flame Nova L.AOE 30,000g*** 65/65%-137/200% Damages enemies with fire and has max cast distance. This and Lightning Nova are the strongest Destruction skills.
Flame-Barrier Flame Barrier 15000g** 55/69%/10s-118/150%/10s Hurts things with fire that get too close. Hold down for a few seconds to cast.


Ice-Bolt Ice Bolt 7,500g* 15/58%-42/175% Launches 3 freezing ice bolts that delivers water damage. The best bolt for causing the most pain to single targets as all projectiles will land a hit.
Ice-Lance Ice Lance S.AOE 10,000g* 15/39%-42/120% Shoots a water beam that hurts enemies and consume MP every second while held down.
Blizzard Blizzard M.AOE 30,000g** 55/62%-118/170% Ice storm damages with water to those in radius.
Frozen-Nova Frozen Nova L.AOE 30,000g*** 65/69%-137/150% Attacks with water and can be cast at max distance. Weakest of all skills of same tier making it obsolete for about 99% of fights.
Ice-Barrier Ice Barrier 15,000g** 55/69%/10s-118/150%/10s Hurts things with water that get too close. Hold down for a few seconds to cast.


Stone-Bolt Stone Bolt 7,500g* 15/69%-42/200% Hurls gigantic boulders to deliver earth damage.
Stone-Spear Stone Spear S.AOE 10,000g* 15/39%-42/120% Shoots an earth beam that hurts enemies and consume MP every second while held down.
Land-Collapse Land Collapse M.AOE 30,000g** 55/59%-118/230% Stone earth pillars hurt foes within radius.
Earthquake Earthquake L.AOE 30,000g*** 65/67%-137/175% Hurts with earth and can be cast at max distance. Weaker than fire and wind skills of same tier making it obsolete for about 99% of fights.
Stone-Barrier Stone Barrier 15,000g** 55/69%/10s-118/150%/10s Hurts things with earth that get too close. Hold down for a few seconds to cast.


Lightning-Bolt Lightning Bolt 7,500g* 15/58%-42/175% Large lightning the causes wind damage.
Chain-Lightning Chain Lightning S.AOE 10,000g* 15/39%-42/120% Shoots a wind beam that continually hurts enemies and consumes MP while held down.
Thunder-Bolt Thunder Bolt M.AOE 30,000g** 55/60%-118/195% Drops lightning from the sky to hurt foes in radius.
Lightning-Nova Lightning Nova L.AOE 30,000g*** 65/69%-137/200% Damages enemies with wind and has max cast distance. This and Flame Nova are the strongest Destruction skills.
Wind-Barrier Wind Barrier 15,000g** 55/69%/10s-118/150%/10s Hurts things with wind that get too close. Hold down for a few seconds to cast.

Trap Magic

Great for when you know there is a bunch of bad guys heading towards you or for taking down bosses early in the game. All traps damage over time. Hold till green then let go to place. None of them will ever land a critical hit which helps make them obsolete around level 80, though the slow de-buff from Glaciers Bondage can still be useful.

Booby Trap Booby Trap 7,500g* 65/80-137/440 Lays trap that continuously hurt enemies with physical damage.
Lava-Bondage Lava Bondage 20,000g** 65/80-137/440 Strongest trap that inflicts fire damage with a burning effect on enemies for extra damage.
Glaciers-Bondage Glaciers Bondage 20,000g*** 65/80-137/440 Water damage that slows enemies movement speed making it useful in late game.
Land-Bondage Land Bondage 20,000g*** 65/80-137/440 Says it stuns enemies, but it doesn’t seem to effect them at all besides regular earth damage.
Storm-Bondage Storm Bondage 20,000g*** 65/80-137/440 Only does wind damage without any special effect making it the least effective trap.

Buff Magic

Energy-Shield Energy Shield 20,000g*** 55/21%/30s-118/30%/130s Blocks a certain % of physical damage. Stacks well with other buffs. This is more valuable than Iron Skin later in the game as it will block much more damage.
Iron-Skin Iron Skin 20,000g* 55/11%/30s-118/20%/130s Increases your defense by a % based on what your wearing. The stronger the armor the more benefit you’ll get.
Reflect-Shield Reflect Shield 30,000*** 55/21%/30s-118/30%/130s Has a chance to void incoming damage and reflect it back to the attacker. Great for dodging almost 1/3 of attacks!
Respiration Respiration 7,500g* 55/30/16s-118/165/45s Increases HP recovery for a certain period of time.
Shield-Regeneration Shield Regeneration 15,000g*** 55/30/16s-118/165/65s This is a must as it recharges your shield quick. Max recover limit is much higher then max HP recovery limit making your shield better to invest in for survivability.
Weakness-Domain Weakness Domain 7,5000g* 55/21%/16s-118/30%/16s Reduced physical attack power of surrounding enemies.
Anti-Force-Domain Anti-Force Domain 10,000g** 55/21%/16s-118/30%/16s Reduces the physical defense of surrounding enemies. Only works with weapon attacks.
Fuzzy-Domain Fuzzy Domain 10,000g* 55/51%-118/60% Drops the power of curse from the sky to destroy the shield of enemies at the drop point.
Flame-Shower Flame Shower 7,500g*** 55/51%/16s-118/60%/16s Inflicts a burning statues on surrounding foes that hurts over time.
Ice-Bound Ice Bound 7,500g*** 55/51%/16s-118/60%/16s Summons crystals of ice that slow opponents. Helps get ride of things chasing you.

S.Skill Berserker

Blade of Anger Blade of Anger 30,000g** 55/12%/16s-118/30%/65s Increases critical rate %.

Shouting of Survival Shouting of Survival 30,000g*** 55/3%/16s-118/30%/65s Increase max HP for a short time.

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