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S.O.L Stone of Life EX Download – Below are download links to the official Google Play Market and iTunes iOS file locations.

View more info at the S.O.L Stone of Life EX S.O.L Stone of Life EX Guide Wiki

S.O.L Stone of Life EX Download

S.O.L Stone of Life EX Download

S.O.L Stone of Life EX Apk Download

S.O.L Stone of Life EX iTunes Download

Here are some other things that might help you out during gameplay:

Ancient Leather Armor – You’ll need this to get 3 stars in Dungeon 3-11. It can be found just east of Graystone in a non breakable bucket by some wagons.

Arena – Completing arenas will get you the best items in the game and is the easiest place to find legend items, goddess tears, enchanting stones, upgrades stones, resurrection stones, boxes of another worlds, and other rare items. Exploit: To break your opponents shield that nulls magic damage and kill them fast, first cast a spell, then immediately rapid tap the attack button. Your physical attack should hit first reducing their shield to nothing letting your magic attack cause damage.

Farming Equipment – Each Dungeon Challenge Package will have the first few dungeons open without a requirement needed. These are good places to find rare, legend, and set item rarity equipment for your current level.

Farming Runes and Potions Early – You can find a lvl 5 Life (HP), Spirit (MP), and Gold (Gold/Exp) rune by activating the rune statue in the middle of Herbhill by your stash. This can be done an infinite amount of times by creating a new player, playing till you reach Herbhill, then taking the runes and putting them in your stash. While your at it you mise well farm your starting potions too, plus a lot of elemental runes will drop from enemies up until reaching Herbhill.

Fast Travel – You can use your world map to fast travel back to locations you’ve already found.

Fighting Through Walls – You can harm monsters through walls and obstacles, but the items they drop might disappear before you can picked them up. Lots of maps have places for enemies to get stuck on one side while you blast them from the other. This is a great tactic for tough bosses.

Hidden Items – Check bookcases and other object for treasure. Your attack button will turn blue indicating there is something you can interact with.

Re-Roll Quest Rewards – Save before getting a quest reward to reroll quest items bonus stats upon reload from force close. Great for getting the best stats on those Legend Quest Rewards!

Re-Roll Store Inventories by simple exiting the store menu then talking to shopkeeper again. Can find normal and rares quality items only with slots.

Status Max’s - The max a stat can go with skills and equipment buffs:

R.Attack ?-?
L.Attack ?-?
Elements NA
Critical Rate 30%
Critical Damage +300%
Power Attack Step STEP 4
Defense ?
Physical Resist 85%
Block Rate 30%
Dodge Rate 30%
Water Resist 80%
Fire Resist 80%
Earth Resist 80%
Wind Resist 80%
HP Max ?
MP Max ?
Shield Max ?
HP Recovery 200
MP Recovery 50
Shield Recover ?
HP Stolen Per Hit ?
MP Stolen Per Hit ?
Increase Gold 300%
Increase EXP ?%

Trading Items Between Saves Slots – Your stash allows you to move items between your different save slots. It may be a good idea to start a save slot for each class so when you find Epic and Legend for other characters you can save it in their inventory. This can help you get better equipment when you want play another class. This is also great for storing items you don’t need right away and don’t have room for. Also, if you upgrade something heavily you can store if for someone else instead of selling it when you find something better.

Weapon Upgrades – Depending on what element type your weapon is the attack button in the bottom right corner will change accordingly. You will also get a colored circle around you to indicate this as well. You can only have 1 element type per weapon so fire and water won’t work.

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