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Stone-of-Life-Dungeon-Guide-Walkthrough-3Welcome to the S.O.L Stone of Life EX Dungeon Guide Walkthrough! Below are links to YouTube videos that show dungeon locations on the world map, your objectives in order to get 3 stars, hidden symbol locations, and a walkthrough so you can see it all in action.

To makes things easier you can visit dungeon challenges when you are leveled over the requirements. This will make it much easier to get 3 stars and so you don’t have to waste time trying over and over because your too weak. You can kind of tell when it’s a good time to go back and clear challenges because the story missions will suddenly get considerably more difficult.

The only place I have found set items so far was from boss drops in Dungeon Challenges along with some great legends.

Some objectives will require you to have a certain level gem or potion (buy in town) in order to gain all bonus points.

View more info at the S.O.L Stone of Life EX S.O.L Stone of Life EX Guide Wiki

Dungeon Types

Destroy Statues (D) – Find and destroy statues which have a better chance to drop equipment and items then normal enemies. This can become more difficult at later levels due to a lack of damage output or DPS as statues can have a lot of life and making you run out of time. (Example for below: D1 = Find and Destroy 1 Statue.)

Destroy Towers – You’ll have to find and kill all towers in order to get 1 large bonus.

Find Hidden Symbols (F) – These can be found in dungeon on walls as some sort of decoration like tree carvings in caves and animal heads or small pictures in wood walled areas. (Example for below: F1 = Find 1 Hidden Symbol.)

Get Items (G) – Find a treasure box trapped behind a lock which you need a specific elemental rune with a specific level, potion, or item to unlock. (Example for below: GF8 = You need a Fire Rune of LV 8, GWa = Water, GF = Fire, GE = Earth, GWi = Wind)

Hit the Switch (H) – These are orbs that will glow red when you can interact with them. When you activate one a magical attack will occur somewhere damaging you and enemies. You will have to hit the required amount for the bonus.

Kill Monsters (K) – Giant monsters will appear randomly through out a dungeon. When you find and kill it the monster will randomly appear some where else. Their are no exits it end when the time runs out. The more Giants you kill the better your score. It’s best to stay focused on finding the Giant as he is worth considerably more than killing normal enemies, though groups of normal monster can be killed quick for loot.

Protect Guardian Stone (P) – Involves defending a object that has it’s own health. Waves of enemies will attempt to destroy the object and you to if you get in the way. Once a wave is defeated the next wave will start to attack. The stones health will refill by a small amount after every wave.

Rune Collecting (RC) – Located through the teleport in towns. Cost a certain amount of gold to enter and you’ll have a good chance to find gems LV9-6. If your looking for Life, MP, and Gold/EXP runes you can farm 1 LV5 of each with the center statue in Herbhill by making a new character, reaching that point in in the game, placing runes in stash, and repeating.

Set Item Collecting (SC) – Located through the teleport in towns. Cost a certain amount of gold to enter and you’ll find many set items. Each dungeon will only give you the chance to get set items for 3 specific sets which are mentioned before entering.

Exploit – Some Dungeons will have the time reset whenever you kill a monster. You can use this to gain an infinite amount of points where you can travel between areas freely.

Stone of Life Dungeon List

* = Required Stars Needed to Unlock

∞s = Unlimited Time

Package 1

Location: Around Herbhill


1-1 5 F3 Treasures of Grave Robbers 0* 270s

1-2 7 D1 Traces of the Spirit of Ruins 0* 270s

1-3 9 D1 Investigation of Spirit Dungeon 0* 270s

1-4 13 D1 F1 Destroy the Cursed Sword 0* 360s

1-5 14 D2 Record of the Spirits 0* 540s

1-6 16 F3 Clear Den of Slaver 0* 360s

1-7 17 GF8 Clear Assassins’ Guild 0* 540s

1-8 18 F4 Clear Laboratory of Necrosis 180s

1-9 20 Alchemist’s Plan

1-10 23 Secret Records

1-11 24 Testing Ground of Weapons 5* ∞s (Complete Clear Laboratory of Necrosis 1-8)

1-12 26 Security of Herbhill 10*

1-13 27 Clear Abandoned Mansion

Package 2



2-1 32 F6 Moving Sword 0* 360s

2-2 32 GWa7 Secret Record of Necrosis 0* 270s

2-3 36 GMedHighPotion Find the Wizards Treasure 0* 450s

2-4 36 D2 F3 Kill Wyvern Devil 0* 180s

2-5 38 D3 The Devils Labyrinth 0* 360s

2-6 39 D2 F7 Ancient Undead 0* 180s

2-7 40 D2 Defend Treasure 0* ∞s

2-8 41 D5 Siren’s Cave 30* 450

2-9 42 D4 Clear Top Floor of Ice Tower 30* 450s

2-10 44 D1 F6 Haunted Mansion 40* 360s

2-11 45 D2 P Defend the Cursed Pendant 40* (Complete Wizards Treasure 2-3)

2-12 46 F7 Archives of Monastery 42* 270s

2-13 47 K Kill Ifrit 42* 360s

2-14 49 D2 Kill Death Knight 45* 450s

2-15 50 D3 F9 Holy Land in the Golem’s Cave 45* 225s (Complete Death Knight 2-14)

Package 3



3-1 48 D3 Defend a Guardian Stone 0* ∞s

3-2 50 K Kill Eyes of Fear 0* 360s

3-3 52 D4 F2 Barbarians In Old Mine 0* 450s

3-4 55 K Leader of the Yeti 40* 360s

3-5 56 GLargHiPotion Destroy Alter of Necrosis 40* 360s

3-6 57 D5 F5 Kill Priest Marcus 40* 450s

3-7 58 K Kill Executive of Necrosis 45* 540s

3-8 60 D4 F1 Information of Betrayer 45* 225s

3-9 59 F4 Thieves Hideout 50* 360s

3-10 62 F5 Rebels Secret Warehouse 50* 225s

3-11 63 Secret Summon 55* 450s (For 3 stars you’ll need Ancient Leather Armor found in a bucket by some wagons east of Graystone)

3-12 64 D4 F4 Conspiracy of Smuggler 55* 450s

3-13 65 GL5 Emperor of the Catacomb 55* 360s (Need Life Rune 5th grade)

3-14 67 P The Great Merchants Treasure 60* ∞s (Clear Defend Treasure 2-7, Need Fire Bolt Skill Book)

3-15 68 D8 Find the Crystal of the Spirits 65* 180s (Clear The Great Merchants Treasure 3-14)

3-16 72 P Defend the Moon Fragment 65* ∞s (Clear Find the Crystal of the Spirits 3-16)

3-17 75 F3 Boss of Dark Organization 65* 630s (Clear Conspiracy of Smuggler 3-12)

Package 4



4-1 65 D7 F7 Curse of the Werewolf 0* 540s

4-2 70 D5 GS4 Yeti’s Treasure 0* 270s (Need Spirit Rune grade 4)

4-3 Kill Skeleton King 0*

4-4 73 K Impact of Broken Seal 60* 540s

4-5 76 D4 F5 Lullaby of the Spirits 60* 450s

4-6 82 D7 Anger of the Spirits 60* 270s

4-7 83 F10  Sleeping Ancient Spirit 65* 540s

4-8 Dimension Seal 65* (Clear Sleeping Ancient Spirit 4-7)

4-9 The Ruins of Hidden Seal 65*

4-10 Kill Minotauros King 70*

4-11 Defend a Stone of Anima 75*

4-12 Clear Remnants of Necrosis 75*

Package 5



5-1 F6 Result of Failure in the Evolution 0* 540s

5-2 D5 F5 Laboratory of Evil Religious Orders 0* 810s

5-3 D5 F4 Experiment of Those Who Sacrificed 0* 202s

5-4 The Chart of Evolution 90* (Clear Experiment of Those Who Sacrificed 5-3)

5-5 K Camp of Religious Order 0* 540s

5-6 D3 F5 Result of Fast Evolution 0* 405s

5-7 Zealot and Bomb 90* (Clear Experiment of Those Who Sacrificed 5-3)

5-8 Result of Success in the Evolution 100* (Clear Zealot and Bomb 5-8)

5-9 Soul of Fallen God 100* (Clear Zealot and Bomb 5-8)

Package 6



6-1 K Kill Mutant Orcs 0* 540s

6-2 Destroy Status 100* (Clear Kill Mutant Orcs 6-1)

6-3 Escape from Corridor of Otherworld 100* (Clear Kill Mutant Orcs 6-1)

6-4 K Remove a Bomb in the Air Maze 0* 630s

6-5 Stop Explorsion 110* (Clear Remove a Bomb in the Air Maze 6-4)

6-6 Reinvasion of Otherworld 110* (Clear Remove a Bomb in the Air Maze 6-4)

Package 7

7-1 D4 F5 Specimens in Abandoned Villa Hall 0* 540s

7-2 D5 F2 Forgotten Treasure in Warehouse 0* ∞s

7-3 Kill Specimens in Arsenal 120*

7-4 D4 F5 Revived Magical Monsters in Library 0* 270s

7-5 Battle Specimens EX-108 120*

7-6 Sweep the Camp of Specimen 120*

7-7 D5 P Resurrected Experiment Executor 0*

7-8 F4 Murloc’s Successor 0* 810s

7-9 Kill Magical Specimens Ex-88 140*

7-10 Cursed Specimens 140* (Clear Murloc’s Successor)

Package 8

Location: Through portals in towns.


8-1 Same RC Life Rune 0* ∞s

8-2 Same RC Spirit Rune 0* ∞s

8-3 Same RC Gold Rune 0* ∞s

8-4 10 SC Dungeon of Heroes 0* ∞s (Fee 60,000g Find Adventurer/Faith/Madness Set Items)

8-5 40 SC Ancient Dungeon 0* ∞s (Fee 120,000g Find Fairy/Pioneer/Bless Set Items)

8-6 10 SC Dungeon of Hunters 0* ∞s (Fee 180,000g Find Dragonhunter/Chronicler/Hood Set Items)

8-7 40 SC Dungeon of Sages 0* ∞s (Fee 240,000g Find Grace/Howling/Hermit Set Items)

Package 9

9-1 K Ancient Magical Sword in Mine 0* 540s

9-2 D5 H8 P Evils Attack 0* ∞s

9-3 D8 D4 Resurrected Evils Nest 0* 450s

9-4 D5 F8 Piece of Life 0* 270s

9-5 D5 D3 Piece of Mind 0* 450s

9-6 Sealed Ancient Stone 160* (Clear Resurrected Evils Nest 9-3)

9-7 Ancient Golems 160* (Clear Resurrected Evils Nest 9-3)

9-8 K75 Discover Base of Ruins 0* 450s

9-9 Mad Grave Robbers 180* (Clear Discover Base of Ruins 9-8)

9-10 Broken Gap of Other World 200*

9-11 186 D8 F6 Collapsed Refuge 0* 270s

9-12 D5 FT Repair Gap of Dimension 0* 450s


Check back in the very near future as this Stone of Life Dungeon Guide Walkthrough will be updated regularly till it’s finished.

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    I cant locate the 10th dungeon of the first package


    me too


    where to find 1-9 in package 1 dungeons?


    D1-10: Secret Records
    Southeast of Ravenwood


    Evils Attack – how to get a room? can `t even carry half HP


    i’m dual blade,i have problem about step to fight.now i use step atk normal by use buff iron skin and blow of assasination and use rune stolen hp when i fight with group monster i can’t fight them.suggest step play to me pls.now one way to fight with them i use boby trap to kill but my mana don’t have enough.i use rune stolen mana to help regen but i think it doesn’t enough. i watch your clip mana regen so fast. how to do like that. thank for help. T^T


      I farmed the rune statue in the first town with new characters for grade 5 mana regen jewels, then I put them on a piece of equipment that had mana regen to and that I would use for awhile. The video speed is also times 2 for viewing purposes.


        thank for help ^-^. and i wanna know how to farm rune grade 5 if i play 1 hero only i don’t have time to play new characters and how to activate rune statue. just give rune grade 8 or 9 to stash in herbill and wait time to get it later i will recieve rune grade 5 rigth. thank for help again ^-^


          ohh. fogot to ask. do u know what the dungeon is drop set item. set item is have physical resist it reduce damage better than defend. i want it haha thank sir.


      im also a dual blade, but im level 210 :) and my mana recovery is in max.. the maximum mana recovery is only 50, but still i can throw more skills


    how to get lvl 5 mana rune? would you please tell me? i’m begginer (lvl 70) and still dont know how to play…and what exactly is the best class?i am a dual blade


    Im a dualblade, lvl 156, just farm on protect guardian stone dungeon, earn money and farm equips on ancient set item, i build my physical resist and other elemental resist by equiping set items, dont forget to upgrade ur weapon , try buying weapon on merchant u can randomly pick weapon by hitting him , again and again , u will notice he sell weapon different from before , i always do that finding rare weapon with 2 socket . Buy 4 pcs and enchant each 1 with 4 different element , my damage is good enough to finish next dungeon , also can tank bunch of mobs with iron skin and energy shield, although i have a high physical resist and elemental resist above 80 all, crit 300%, use sword masted action style to finish mob quickly, then change to 4th stylemwhen fightingnboss. Hope i help i little.


    what is the item required in the 14 th dungeon in 2nd package “kill death knight”


    how can we get the medium high potion?


    Where is the arena?


    Branch of fairy @ sirens cave 2~8


    I got maddness greatsword on 2~1 drop


    I’m arcmage lv 166 now, so hard to fight enemies that can block magic, any ideas to fight them??


    How to pick the right chest to get flag at end of dungeon?


    Hey im level 240 . can i ask something ? How to three star dungeun piece of mind ? In ruina cave.


    I kill leonard and relord game but still i why i dont get next quest?


    I don’t understand how unlocking the rune locks works. Do I need to have the runes on a weapon or do the runes need to be in my inventory?

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